Buying a TV is not that easy today. In the good olden days, you could just walk into a TV shop and buy the TV right off from the shelf.

Most of the TVs had similar features, thereby making your job that much easier.

However, things have changed today with features like Smart TV, LED, OLED, HDR, 4K, and so on making it difficult for you to choose the right one.

This buying guide aims to simplify things, thereby enabling you to purchase the best TV brand.

Before we go into the 4K TV Buying Guide and the reviews of the best 4K TVs in India in 2020, here are some quick tips.

Quick Tips to help choose the ideal TV for your home

  • Always opt for the best and never settle for anything less than 4K though the full HD and 1080p TV sets look pretty enough.
  • At the moment, you can skip the 8K TVs. We shall leave it for discussion at a later date. Apart from being exceptionally expensive, you do not have much 8K content to enjoy watching on these TVs.
  • The best things in the world do not come cheap. Be flexible with your purse strings if you want to see the best TV hanging on your drawing-room wall.
  • The refresh rate is one thing you should concentrate on. The ideal one is the TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • An HDR-compatible set offers you options like fantastic colours and an excellent contrast to go with it.
  • LCD has become antique today with OLED TVs flooding the market. Samsung offers QLED TVs as a refreshing change.
  • Nobody subscribes to cable TV today with options like Amazon Fire Stick available.
  • Ensure that your TV has sufficient HDMI ports. The recently introduced HDMI 2.1 port should be the icing on the cake.
  • TV screens are getting slimmer. In the bargain, they compromise on the quality of the speakers. Therefore, invest in a compatible soundbar as a compensatory measure.
  • An extended warranty is not necessary when you use your credit cards to purchase TVs. The cards themselves come with excellent purchase protection offers today.

These quick tips should have warmed you up to purchase the best 4K TVs for your home. Let us now check out some of the best 4K TVs available in India in 2020 before we proceed with the 4K TV Buying Guide.

Best 4K TVs in India 2020

1. LG 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV OLED55C9PTA

LG is the premier TV manufacturer in India with some of the best 4K TVs coming from its stable. The Indian consumer prefers LG more than any other model because of the trust factor that LG has created in their minds. Some of the salient features of this Smart TV are as follows.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 1920p)
  • Refresh Rate – 60Hz
  • Connectivity – 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports
  • Sound – 40W AI Sound with Dolby Vision and Atmos
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi, AI ThinQ with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Processor – α9 Generation 2
  • Display – OLED Panel Display with 4K Cinema HDR
  • Warranty – One-year manufacturer warranty and additional one year on the panel

The LG TV is a smart TV that is compatible with Apple Airplay 2. Thus, you can connect your Apple devices and enjoy videos, music, and photos directly from your phone on your TV.

This LG TV comes with a user-friendly Home Dashboard to connect devices remotely from one screen. It also has facilities to create a daily routine using the remote. This appliance is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, thereby expanding your TV viewing experience.

The α9 Generation 2 intelligent processor provides a realistic experience with a breathtakingly detailed image and custom sound. The AI picture feature recognises the original quality of the content and accordingly optimises the clarity and sharpness of the output.

Similarly, the AI Sound feature analyses the original audio source and provides optimum sound depending on the type of content.

The AI Brightness feature ensures to optimise the brightness and retain the original sharpness of the picture irrespective of the illuminance. AI Acoustic Tuning feature recognises where you usually sit to watch the TV, optimising the sound to reach you comfortably.

LG has pioneered the OLED technology that brings images to life in this TV. OLED ensures a stunning colour contrast to provide extraordinary depth to the image.

With this LG TV hanging on the drawing-room wall, you do not have to visit a movie theatre to enjoy the brilliance of cinema. Dolby Vision & Atmos ensures to deliver high-quality cinematic HDR imaging and sound.

LG’s 4K Cinema HDR feature with Dolby Vision is compatible with almost all HDR formats including the Advanced HDR by Technicolor and HDR10 Pro.

LG Content Store allows you to enjoy your favourite TV content and movies on apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on. This LG Smart TV comes with WebOS.

LG TV comes with a Magic Remote feature that comes equipped with Bluetooth, whereby it can work from any direction. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect this TV wirelessly with a Bluetooth Headset or HTS/Soundbar.

  • High-quality viewing experience
  • OLED technology brings out the best of this TV
  • Excellent picture quality and acoustic experience
  • WebOS is a fast operating system, thereby providing a seamless internet experience
    AI technology
  • The cost can seem to be a deterrent, but the features present in this TV warrant the expense.

The LG OLED TV indeed ranks as one of the best 55 inches 4K TV in India in 2020.

2. OnePlus 55 inch Q1 Series 4K Android QLED TV 55Q1IN-1

A couple of years ago, the OnePlus series of smartphones were a craze with many people queueing up to buy the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 7 mobiles. It was a matter of time before you had the OnePlus TV on Indian shores. Besides the high-quality colour display, this Android TV comes with a host of features.

  • Available in two variants – 55 inches Q1 and 55 inches Q1 Pro
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p with a motion rate of 480Hz
  • Connectivity – 4 HDMI ports and three USB ports
  • Sound – 50 Watts with Dolby Atmos
  • Smart TV Features – Built-in WiFi Android TV
  • Oxygen OS with Android Pie
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • QLED Display supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision
  • One-year warranty

One Plus TV features QLED display that supports different technologies like HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and has Dolby Vision certification.

Some of the other features include Noise Cancellation, Dynamic Contrast, and Super Resolution to take your TV viewing experience to a different level altogether.

Usually, the modern-day TVs compromise on the sound quality in their quest for becoming slimmer. However, OnePlus TV does deliver 50W sound with Dolby Atmos.

As far as Smart TV features are concerned, the OnePlus TV is an Android TV that comes equipped with Oxygen OS. Features like OxygenPlay VOD and TypeSync are the highlights of this OS.

The QuickApp Switch feature enables you to download your favourite apps with ease. The SmartVolume Control feature adjusts the volume depending on the strength of the signal, thereby providing a delightful experience.

The 55-inches 4K QLED display ensures a higher colour range of NTSC 120% where the visuals are saturated and crisp. The Gamma Colour Magic Picture Engine produces high-quality images that can mesmerise the user.

This TV has the Dolby Vision certification. Hence, you get an extraordinary colour display, contrast, and brightness every time you switch it on. Enjoy the HDR experience where you have a broader range of colours on display. The high-quality HDR compatibility enables you to detect the brightest of whites and the darkest of black shades with comfort.

OnePlus TV is based on the Android platform that provides the latest and most advanced TV viewing experience. You also get the advantage of browsing the Google Play Store and enjoy movies right from your smartphone because of the Chromecast feature.

Google Assistant is available at your beck and call to help you navigate through the system.

OnePlus introduces its one-stop-shop, Oxygen Play for meeting your content needs. The futuristic remote-control unit comes with the minimum of button options that add to the elegance factor. Connect to the internet with your OnePlus Connect App and enjoy the latest Android features.

  • The TV comes with a brighter screen with vivid colours
  • Smart TV on the Android platform
  • USB type chargeable TV remote
  • High-quality sound
  • SD upscaling is unsatisfactory
  • Netflix is not available on this TV
  • The TV does not come with a table-top stand

OnePlus has revolutionised the smartphone market. It could do the same with the TVs, as it manufactures some of the best 4K TV in India under Rs 70,000.

3. Sony Bravia 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV – KD-55A8G

Nothing can match the brilliance when it comes to TVs. This Sony Bravia 4K TV is available in two sizes, 55 inches and 65 inches. Sony brings decades of experience in manufacturing some of the best 4K TVs in India.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Connectivity options – Four HDMI ports and three USB ports
  • Sound – 40W output with Acoustic Surface Audio Technology
  • Smart TV features – Built-in WiFi, Android TV with excellent features
  • OLED Display with 4X Reality PRO
  • One-year warranty

The Sony Bravia A8G Series is a masterpiece in every respect. This TV comes with OLED technology that can enrich your visual experience and take it another level.

OLED means you get the chance to view Black in its purest form. Secondly, this technology eliminates blurring to deliver an authentic colourful viewing experience.

4K HDR offers the ultimate in picture quality, as the High Dynamic Range output ensures the most significant degree of clarity. When combined with 4K Ultra HD Resolution, HDR video content delivers exceptional colour, contrast, and detail in comparison with other formats.

The 4K HDR Processor X1 ensures real-time processing to provide detailed images that upscale to real 4K HDR quality.

The 4K X-Reality PRO Picture Engine enables you to discover a thrilling world of extraordinary clarity. The 4K picture processing technology enhances every pixel, thereby bringing reality to every scene.

Compared to 4K Processor X1, this technology delivers unprecedented picture quality with 40% more real-time image processing.

Sony Triluminos Display is renowned for producing the maximum lifelike colour experience. This technology selectively maps colours because of its specially developed backlight.

It does not allow the colours to become unnatural or oversaturated, thereby ensuring lifelike, detailed viewing experience.

The Acoustic Surface Audio Technology is an innovative one that makes the sound come from the entire screen, thereby proving an immersive experience.

The presence of two actuators behind the TV causes the screen to vibrate and deliver engaging sound. The Sub-woofer placed behind the TV provides deep powerful bass.

The Clear Audio+ technology finetunes your TV’s sound to give it a Surround Effect. This feature enables viewers to enjoy the dialogues better, thereby enhancing the enjoyment level.

The Sony Android TV comes with Google Play feature, whereby you can download apps and games with ease. It also provides the facility to play your games offline.

The Voice Search Feature allows you to find your favourite content across different services with the highest degree of ease.

The built-in Chromecast feature allows you to cast your favourite entertainment channels from your smartphones on to the Bravia TV and watch it on the big screen.

Amazon Prime Video is available on the Sony Bravia. It also comes with a dedicated Netflix button that allows you to start streaming with a single click.

The Sony Bravia has the Dolby Vision certification so that viewers get an immersive, engaging cinematic experience right inside the drawing-room. The IR Blaster feature allows you to use the remote as a single tool to control all the devices connected to the TV.

  • High-quality performance in all respects
  • Excellent acoustic experience
  • Smart TV on the Android Platform
  • Potent Picture engine to deliver images of the best quality
  • Viewers have complained of picture lag
  • The pricing is on the higher side

Sony has a fantastic reputation to live up to. This A8G Series model is one of the best 55 inches 4K TV in India today.

4. Samsung 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55Q60RAKXXL

When you have Sony and LG displaying high-quality 4K Ultra HD TVs, you cannot leave Samsung very far behind. Samsung, a pioneer of QLED technology, brings excellent features to the table with this Smart TV.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD – 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Connectivity options – Four HDMI and two USB ports
  • Sound Output – 20W
  • Smart TV features – Smart Tv with free apps
  • Display – QLED
  • One-year warranty with an additional one year on the panel.

Samsung pioneered the Quantum Dot Technology that can produce one billion shades of colour to make everything look brilliant. The Quantum Processor 4K is an intelligent processor as it optimises viewing conditions in real-time and enhances the performance of the TV.

Samsung brings an innovative look by doing away with the annoying black screens and transforming it into a lively canvas.

The Bixby Assistant available on the Samsung TV allows the user to interact with the TV meaningfully. Experience HDR at its best on this Samsung TV.

Quantum HDR 4X analyses the scene frame by frame to adjust the lighting accordingly and allows you to see objects in the dark. QLED technology allows for AI upscaling, whereby you get reduced image noise and sharpened edges around objects and text.

It also helps to restore the lost details in the picture, thereby allowing you to enjoy the content at near 4K resolution.

Samsung TV doubles up as a computer, as it lets you work from the cloud or mirror your laptop for big-screen convenience. It also allows you to access your office computer from a remote location if you need to complete unfinished work.

The Home Cloud feature enables you to save your precious data and files to the Samsung Smart TV. Thus, you can free up valuable space on your mobiles while keeping your data secure.

The Live Cast feature delivers the ultimate in entertainment, as it allows you to broadcast your experiences from anywhere to your smart TV.

The Two-way sharing feature enables your smartphone to work along with the smart TV and maximise your entertainment. This feature allows you to play video and music from your phone to the TV and vice versa.

Samsung QLED’s intelligent mode adjusts the TV’s brightness and volume according to the conditions in the room. This feature can adjust the sound to match the TV content, such as highlighting a singer’s voice over the background music.

Samsung One Remote is an excellent feature as it allows you to control all the devices connected to the TV using it. The new QLED works perfectly with Google Assistant to make it easy to control the various aspects of the TV.

This TV is also compatible with AirPlay 2, thereby allowing you to share content from your Apple devices on the QLED TV.

  • Quantum Dot technology ensures high-quality performance
  • Wireless Display
  • Use TV as a computer
  • QLED Intelligent mode
  • Casting from mobile to TV and vice versa
  • Sound Quality is not satisfactory
  • Need to buy a separate soundbar, thereby enhancing the overall cost

Despite these issues in the acoustics department, this Samsung model is one of the best 55-inches 4K TV in India today under Rs 1 lakh.

5. Mi LED TV 4X - 138.8 cm (55 inches) Ultra HD Android

Though people view Chinese products with apprehension, the Mi LED TV has made a mark for itself as a genuinely performing smart TV. This model is available in two sizes, 50 inches and 55 inches. Some of its excellent features are as follows.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Connectivity – Three HDMI and two USB ports
  • Sound – 20W output with Dolby Audio + DTS HD
  • Smart TV features – Built-in WiFi Android TV
  • Display Panel – LED with 4K HDR10
  • One-year warranty on the product with an additional year on the panel

Mi TV is compatible with 4K HDR10. The 10-bit panel brings true to life colours with an excellent display of 1.07 billion colour shades.

The Vivid Picture Engine delivers remarkable colour accuracy and vibrancy. Though this TV comes with a 20W speaker, it is designed to provide a complete entertainment experience.

The PatchWall 2.0 feature allows the user to have easy access from all apps on a single screen. This TV is compatible with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

This Mi TV provides access to more than seven lakh hours of content, as you watch the best of new movies and classical ones, as well, at a single destination.

The Light Theme enhances the overall look of the TV. The user-friendly carousel allows you to find the latest and trending content across all categories. A variety of news channels are available to keep you posted with the latest happenings around the world.

Mi TV is an Android TV that works on the latest Android 9.0 platform. Android compatibility ensures that you can download apps and games from Play Store. It is also possible to play your phone content directly on the TV using the Chromecast feature.

Another highlight of this TV is the Data Saver feature. It allows users to watch up to three times the content with the same mobile data. The Data Counter feature enables you to know your consumption on a real-time basis. This TV also allows casting of content from the mobiles without using data.

The Amolgic Cortex A53 processor displays power-efficiency of the highest order when processing data.

Some of the additional features available on this Mi TV are adequate connectivity ports like 3 HDMI, 2 USB, and one SPDIF. The Mi Remote is a welcome feature, as it helps to connect through Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band WiFi.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Powerful picture engine
  • Beautiful panel and colour reproduction
  • Value for Money
  • Sound output is on the lower side
  • The TV gets slow when it comes to loading videos
  • PatchWall needs an update

Though Chinese products are suspect when it comes to performance. Mi TV is one of the best budget 4K LED TVs in India in its segment.

6. LG 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV 55SM8100PTA

Here is another LG model with similar features but at considerably lower pricing. Trust LG to bring a variety of TVs to the table. This model comes with excellent features.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD – 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Connectivity – Four HDMI and three USB ports
  • Sound output – 20W with Wireless sound
  • Smart TV features – AI ThinQ with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Display – Nano Color
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

This TV is a perfect example to prove the gulf between OLED and Nano Display. Apart from the display quality, you can also see a massive difference in the pricing of TVs. Except for the OLED display, this TV comes with almost similar features.

The LG NanoCell TV displays a superior picture quality when compared to its peers. The enhanced RGB colour purity is a direct product of NanoCell Technology.

The Nano Color feature enhances the purity of colour using 1nm nanoparticles to deliver a stunning visual experience.

The Nano Accuracy feature ensures to maintain accurate and uniform colour distribution, thereby allowing you to enjoy as realistic a picture as possible.

Another excellent feature of this LG TV is the Nano Bezel that adds to the sophisticated ambience while saving considerable space.

This LG TV comes with LG ThinQ AI that allows you to expand your TV viewing experience with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa. The Apple AirPlay 2 feature enables you to connect your Apple devices to the TV and view photos, videos, and other content on the large screen.

The Home Dashboard feature lets you access your connected devices remotely from a single display.

The 4K Active HDR takes care of the minutest details and colour while optimising every scene. This TV features DTS Virtual X allows you to enjoy rich and flawless multi-dimensional audio through the built-in speakers on the TV.

LG TV enables you to enjoy the best of content available on the internet through apps like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, and many more. The Content Store provides you with access to a host of movies and TV series with WebOS.

Another common feature found in today’s LG TVs is the Magic Remote. This Bluetooth-enabled remote can work in any direction.

The 2-way Bluetooth Connectivity feature available on this TV allows you to connect your Bluetooth headset or HTS/soundbar wirelessly.

  • NanoCell Technology is an excellent one
  • High-quality performance
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • Active HDR enhances the viewing experience
  • The sound quality is on the lower side.
  • Pricing is a concern

This LG Smart TV is one of the best 4L LED TVs under Rs 70,000 in India today because of its excellent features.

7. Samsung 55 inch Super 6 Series 4K LED Smart TV UA55NU6100

For every LG product, Samsung seems to have a counter. This 4K UHD LED is the ideal competitor to the LG model we have discussed above. The Samsung 2019 model comes in three different sizes, 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches. The features of this smart TV are as follows.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD – 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Connectivity – Two HDMI ports and one USB port
  • Display – LED panel
  • Smart TV features – Built-in WiFi
  • Warranty – One-year manufacturer warranty with an additional year for the panel

Samsung TVs are unique in many ways because of some of the most innovative features you get to experience on them. This TV comes with an Unbox Super 6 feature.

Unbox Real 4K delivers sharp and crisp images with four times more pixels than an FHD TV. Thus, you can view the minutest details with ease.

Unbox Love Cast allows you to share a live stream from a concert right to your Samsung TV at home, thereby enabling the folks at home to get a glimpse of the event sitting in the drawing-room.

The Unbox Tune Station feature turns your Samsung TV into a virtual music system where you can add to your playlists and enjoy your favourite music.

The Unbox Screen Mirroring feature lets your smartphone synchronise with your smart TV, whereby you play content from the phone on the big screen.

Gamers would love to part with anything to get the Unbox Lag-free gaming experience. This feature enables a seamless playing experience with high-quality graphics.

Unbox 60K+ titles allow you to enjoy the best of UHD content on the big screen and immerse yourself in an enjoyable world of entertainment.

One of the best aspects of this Samsung Smart TV is that it doubles up like a computer. It enables you to work from the cloud or mirror your laptop. It is also possible to access your office computer from your home, thereby making it convenient to attend to your urgent office work.

The SmartThings App offers excellent features like Remote control and mirror screen, thereby proving to be a single app to cater to a multitude of functions.

  • Super 6 Series features
  • Doubling up as a computer
  • SmartThings Apps to enable connectivity
  • Pre-built apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and so on
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Does not come with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sound System needs an improvement
  • Inadequate connectivity ports

The Samsung NU6100 is also available in smaller sizes with similar features. This TV qualifies as one of the best 55 inches LED TV under Rs 55,000.

8. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KD-55X8000G

Sony Bravia TVs can be a bit expensive when compared to their peers. However, they compensate with superior performance and high-quality delivery. This Sony Bravia is one of the best 55 inches 4K TV in India under Rs 85,000. Here are its excellent features.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Connectivity – Four HDMI and three USB ports
  • Sound output – 20W
  • Smart TV – Certified Android
  • Display – 4L X-Reality Pro with Triluminos Display
  • One-year warranty

The Sony X8000G Series provides a thrilling entertainment experience with some of the best features reserved for the Bravia brand.

Experience the best of 4K HDR with excellent clarity, brightness, colours, and other details. HDR Video delivers exceptional content when combining with High Dynamic Range.

The 4K X-Reality Pro Picture Engine is a powerful one that enhances every pixel to deliver a thrilling world of excellent clarity.

Sony Bravia works on the Triluminos Display that selectively maps colours from the full range of colours available. This technology features a specially developed backlight that ensures there is no oversaturation of colours. Hence, you end up with a fantastic display of vivid and authentic images.

Sony Bravia delivers a low sound output of 20W, but this TV comes with a Bass Reflex speaker system that magnifies the sound to a completely different level altogether.

Clean Cable management ensures there is no distraction by keeping the wires out of sight. The cables can be rearranged and channelised into the stand, thereby making everything look tidy.

The Sony Bravia is a smart TV that works on the Android platform.  Some of the excellent features present on the TV are Voice Search and Chromecast.

Sony Bravia has a dedicated Netflix button, thereby making it easy to access the app. Sony Bravia also offers access to Amazon Prime Video to enable you to view the movies and TV series of your choice.

The IR Blaster feature lets you control all the devices connected to your TV with a single remote controlling unit. The X-Protection PRO protects your TV from external factors like electrical surges, humidity, short circuits, and so on.

Another excellent feature available on the Sony Bravia is the Motionflow XR technology that helps you to enjoy sharp details in fast-action scenes. This technology works by inserting an additional frame between two successive frames to maintain the continuity and reducing the blur.

  • Performance-wise, one of the best 4K TVs in India
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Smart TV
  • Protection from the elements that cause damage
  • The Bluetooth facility does not connect to external devices.
  • The sound output could do with some improvement

Sony Bravia is one of the best-selling TVs in India. This model qualifies as one of the best 55-inches 4K LED TV in India in 2020.

9. LG 55 inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 55UM7290PTD

This LG TV model comes in two different sizes, 43 inches and 55 inches. It comes with some of the most exciting features as detailed below.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD – 3840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Connectivity ports – Three HDMI and two USB ports
  • Sound – 20W Output
  • Smart TV features – AI ThinQ
  • Display – 4K resolution
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

When it comes to matching screen resolution, the 4K TVs are four times better than the TVs with FHD. Besides, the 4K UHD TV comes with other exciting features like AI ThinQ, DTS Virtual X, and 4K Active HDR.

The best aspect of this type of display is that it provides the user with a wide viewing angle, almost 178 degrees. Therefore, it is comfortable to watch this TV from anywhere in the room.

This LG TV comes with 4K HDR, thereby ensuring to differentiate between the myriad shades of blacks and whites.

Though the TV has a comparatively low sound output of 20W, it comes with a DTS Virtual X features that allow enjoying the audio of the highest quality.

This LG TV is a smart TV working on the Smart WebOS to access high-quality content from the internet. The LG TV is compatible with apps like Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, and so on. Therefore, you never run short of any entertainment.

LG takes things to another level by introducing the element of AI into TV technology. The ThinQ AI feature expands the viewing experience considerably by providing you with access to Alexa and Google Assistant.

LG TV is compatible with all Android apps. It also comes with AirPlay 2 feature to allow you to connect your Apple devices with the TV. Accessing other devices connected to this LG TV is easy because of the presence of the Home Dashboard feature.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • User-friendly WebOS
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for connecting your headphones, HTS, and soundbars
  • Alexa and Google Assistant are ready to serve your needs.
  • The magic remote is not a part of the TV. You need to buy it separately.
  • The sound quality needs improvement

Among the LG TVs discussed here, this TV is the most budget-friendly. It thus qualifies as one of the best 4K TVs in India under Rs 55,000.

10. Kodak 43 inches 4K Ultra HD  43UHDXSMART

Kodak, the name reminds you of some of the most excellent cameras in the world. Kodak TV has also made a name for itself in the Indian market in recent times. This smart LED TV is available in three sizes, 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches. It comes with a host of exquisite features.

  • Resolution 4K Ultra HD – 6840 x 2160p with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Connectivity – Three HDMI ports and two USB ports
  • Smart TV features – Android-based
  • Display – A+ Grade Panel with UHD
  • Sound – 20W output
  • Warranty – One-year manufacturer warranty

Kodak TV is capable of catering to a variety of tasks such as video streaming, gaming, music, movies, and much more.

This smart TV allows you to access almost all the popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, and others without any lag. This content is available in ten languages with the user being able to access more than 10 million hours of content.

The TV comes with adequate numbers of connectivity options that enable you to connect almost any device you have.

The A+ Grade Panel provides a vivid picture viewing experience. It is one of the best available today because it allows the user to view content from angles as wide as 178 degrees.

This TV comes with MiraCast feature that allows you to connect your smartphones and stream content from your other devices on to your TV screen and vice versa.

The Ultra HD HDR display allows the TV to deliver exceeding engaging content that is visually pleasing to the eye. It is possible to increase the brightness settings of this TV to 550 nits. Thus, it enables you to view the darkest of scenes with absolute ease.

The Cortex A53 Dual-Core Processor makes the TV run at excellent speeds, especially when downloading content from the internet. This TV comes with sufficient 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM to deliver an enhanced experience.

  • Excellent connectivity options
  • Installing a TV is an easy job.
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Easy on the budget
  • As the brand is a new one, one cannot find universal remotes in the market.
  • The existing remote-control option is a cumbersome one to use

When you look from the budgeting angle, Kodak TVs are one of the best 4K TVs in India.

4K TV Buying Guide

We have seen ten of the best 4K TVs in India in 2020. We shall now go on to understand the things to watch out for when purchasing 4K TVs today.

Screen Size

Small family size is desirable but when it comes to choosing your TV screen size, go for a big one.

Your TV screen size depends a lot on how many people in the home watch TV together.

Secondly, check out whether your room is large enough to accommodate the TV.

The good thing about today’s TVs is that they can just hang from the walls without having to occupy much space on the table or TV stand.

The ideal 4K TV screen size should be around 55 to 65 inches.

Remember that you need enough space in front of you when you watch TV. If you can see the individual pixels on the screen, you are better off by shifting a couple of steps backwards.

If you are selecting an HD TV, the ideal distance between the TV and you should be approximately thrice the size of the screen.

If you go for a 4K Ultra HD TV, you can reduce the distance by half.

Screen Resolution – HD, 4K, or 8K?

As we had discussed above, let us leave out the 8K resolution altogether.

Screen resolution comprises the number of pixels that make the picture on the TV display.

The more the number of pixels, the sharper is the picture.

This comparison should make it easy for you to understand.

  • A DVD screen is 720 x 480 pixels
  • HD 720p = 1280 x 720 pixels
  • HD 1080p = 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Ultra HD 4K = 3840 x 2160 pixels

Thus, you can see that Ultra HD 4K has nearly 4 times the number of pixels that an HD 1080p TV screen displays. It is 4 times better than HD.

The advantage of the Ultra HD 4K TV is that small objects can be viewed in great detail, as they appear more life-like when compared to a normal HD TV.

Another benefit is that you can reduce your viewing distance considerably, thereby ensuring that 4K TVs fit into the regular drawing rooms in India today.

Yes, one can argue that 4K content is not commonly available over the air. However, Amazon, Netflix, and even YouTube offer 4K content.

Install an Amazon Firestick and get to watch the latest 4K content comfortably.

The Ultra HD TV sets can upscale existing HD content to 4K, but there is nothing like watching original 4K on an Ultra HD 4K TV screen.

HDR – If you love colours, plump for HDR straightaway

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is an integral feature of 4K Ultra HD TV sets today.

HDR means the ability to deliver more colours, enhanced brightness and improved contrast levels. It is essentially an upgrade of the Ultra HD or 4K format.

HDR is not available on the regular 1080p HD TV sets.

Look out for the HDR10 or Ultra HD Premium on the TV sets available today.

Dolby Vision is one of the latest versions of HDR. You must have heard of Dolby Sound.

Similarly, Dolby Vision meets a strict set of criteria to display HDR content. It is a revolutionary technology that has take TV viewing to a different plane altogether.

Many people confuse HDR10 with Dolby, but they are two different concepts.

Every HDR-enabled TV set is compatible with HDR10. However, not every TV conforms to Dolby’s technical standards and pays the licensing fees.

Nevertheless, Dolby Vision has become common today with some of the notable brands like LG, Sony, and TCL TVs coming with Dolby Vision.

Samsung has come up with its version of a premier HDR format known as HDR10+.

Samsung has this unique tendency of confusing people a lot. Yes, one agrees that HDR10+ offers an excellent viewing experience, but not all content on TV are compatible with HDR10+.

For example, many Bluray UHD players do not support HDR10+.

Though some of Amazon Prime Video support HDR10+, it is still comfortable to enjoy the HDR10 format on an HDR-capable TV. It is not the case with HDR10+.

HDR Standards Explained - HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG

HDR is still in its infancy stage in India with not many streaming services showing HDR.

You get the odd Netflix or Amazon Prime being compatible with HDR, but most of the cable and satellite TVs are not yet ready.

Some of the satellite TVs have their version of HDR known as HLG (Hybrid-Log Gamma).

HDR is still for the future. However, you can invest in this technology and be ready for it when it arrives in full flow.

Refresh Rate – The faster it is, the better

Refresh rate represents how many times the picture is refreshed on the screen in a second.

Usually, you experience 60Hz refresh rates on TVs today. It indicates that the TV refreshes the screen content 60 times per second.

Though excellent, the 60Hz refresh rate can make rapidly moving objects look blurry on the screen, especially on LCD HDTVs.

Monitor & TV Refresh Rates as Fast As Possible

Therefore, the ideal refresh rate to look out today is 120Hz. Some of the latest TVs boast of a refresh rate of 240Hz, as well.

Most of the TVs handle faster refresh rates in different ways. A standard method is to insert a black screen between two original pictures, thereby tricking the viewer’s eyes into seeing a more robust image.

A novel technique is to insert a couple of new photos showing a state of motion between two images to display a realistic-looking motion picture.

The latest TV models come with HFR (High-Frame Rate) support. It entails that these TVs have a higher refresh rate and can support TV content having refresh rates higher than 60Hz.

Though 60Hz is a good enough rate, one can look forward and opt for the 120Hz refresh rate.

However, some TV manufacturers cleverly market terms like ‘Effective Refresh rate’ to confuse people. A 120Hz effective refresh rate is, in reality, 60Hz refresh rate.

HDMI Connections – The more, the smarter

Manufacturers looking to cut costs will try to reduce the number of HDMI ports. However, one should look for a minimum of four HDMI ports on the TV.

You might have to connect a soundbar, a Firestick TV connection, a game console, and so on. Before you think of any other link, you have already used up three ports.

An ideal 4K Ultra HD TV should have HDMI 2.0 ports for accommodating future Ultra HD resources.

The new TV releases come with HDMI 2.1 format. The advantage is that these ports can deliver 8K content and support variable refresh rate.

Gamers would love to have this port as it matches the frame rates seen in Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technologies.

It enables smoother action and eliminates screen tearing. The LG C9 OLED TV comes with a good number of HDMI 2.1 ports.

More TV manufacturers will be seen equipping their TVs with HDMI 2.1 ports from 2020 onwards.

Some TV jargon – Understand what they convey

When you venture to purchase a TV, you will encounter a lot of jargon. It is an ancient marketing trick.

If you cannot convince the customer, confuse them. Using idioms is an excellent way of doing so. However, if you know the meaning behind the words, it is better.


OLED stands for Organic LEDs. This technology is better than the Full-array LED LCD TV technology.

Instead of a backlight, the OLEDs use a layer of organic LEDs. As they are controlled at the pixel level, they can achieve absolute black and fantastic contrast levels.

LG introduced this technology and was the sole manufacturer offering this technology.

Today, Sony is offering OLED TVs with Philips and a couple of other brands planning to do so in the future.

The OLED technology is best suited for 4K sets with screen sizes in the range of 55 to 75 inches.

LG’s Z9 8K TV also comes with OLED. At the time of its introduction, OLEDs were expensive, but the prices have come down substantially over the years.

Samsung has come up with this QLED technology that is nothing but quantum dot LCD TVs with LED backlighting.

The QLED technology is different from OLED, as they cannot match up with the fantastic black levels of OLED.

8K resolution

If 4K resolution is stunning enough, words are not enough to define the brilliance of 8K resolution.

Pixels-wise, 8K represents 7680 x 4320 pixels. Hence, it is four times better than 4K.

8K is the next big thing in TV technology today. Some of the top TV manufacturers have come up with a model or two.

As of today, it is the ultimate in TV technology. However, the only drawback with 8K content today is the lack of content.

There are no 8K movies available. It will be a simple matter of time before companies will start streaming in 8K.

Yes, it needs tremendous improvement in internet speeds, as the present speeds find it a challenge to handle 4K content.

Costs wise, 8K models are highly expensive when compared to 4K TVs. Hence, it is better to leave out 8K TVs as of now.

Smart TVs

Today, you have TV sets coming with in-built Wi-Fi that enables them to connect to internet-based services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on.

It is also possible to download movies, play games, and even post social media messages.

Some of the top-tier TVs can search for internet content across streaming services.

Smart TVs come with user-friendly interfaces that include handy icons at the bottom of the screen.

You also have Google providing its Android TV platform to companies like Sony.

Amazon has also jumped into the fray with the Amazon Fire Edition TVs manufactured by Toshiba.

Almost all the smart TVs include services like Netflix, but it is always better to check out beforehand the options available.

Smart TVs also allow you to stream apps to search for high-quality 4K and HDR content.

Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube are some of the standard apps that make it easier than finding Blu-rays with the desired formats.

Users should ensure that their internet connection has sufficient bandwidth to provide seamless connectivity.

A streaming device like the Amazon Firestick can make your regular TV smart, as well.

However, the TV should have an HDMI connection port. Nowadays, smart TVs have also become cheaper than before.

Contrast Ratio

Technically, the contrast ratio is a description of the range of brightness levels a TV set can display.

Theoretically, a higher contrast ratio ensures a better display of shadows and hues.

However, TV manufacturers do not follow a uniform procedure for measuring contrast ratios.

Therefore, if a TV manufacturer or marketing professional uses the contrast ratio to prove the TVs superiority, it is advisable to ignore the TV altogether.

The best way to judge the contrast ratio is to watch movies with dark scenes in it.

The Harry Potter series or some of the horror movies are excellent examples of films that display shadows in detail.

The best TVs should display deep black levels whereas the cheaper ones usually show a dark hue of gray.

Audio Performance

With TVs becoming slimmer today, the only area where they compromise is the audio performance.

The slimmer the TV, the less space it has for including speakers that produce high-quality sound. Some of the alternatives are,

Use a headphone

Might make you look aloof as others cannot enjoy the music/sound

Have a Surround Sound Home Theatre System

Can be a challenging task to set up and could occupy a lot of space

Get a soundbar

This option is the best, as they are thin enough to fit under a TV stand without interfering with the image. You can also hang the soundbar below the TV and still not compromise with its appearance.

Some of the TV models come with soundbars that support Dolby Atmos to deliver a fuller listening experience.

Dolby Atmos is the new standard from Dolby that offers the benefit of overhead sound to provide a complete listening experience.

One can recreate the Dolby Atmos effect using in-ceiling speakers, but some of the latest soundbars produce a more realistic acoustic experience.

Dolby Atmos - Bring The Cinematic Sound Experience To Your Home | Demo | Dolby

The best aspect of such soundbars is that you do not have to spoil the ambience by installing various speakers all over the place to create the 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound.

Ensure that your TV has sufficient HDMI connectivity ports.

The soundbar needs an HDMI port with Audio Return Channel capability. Such a port allows you to use HDMI both as an input and output device.

Extended Warranty

Some of the top TV manufacturers offer extended warranties on their TV sets. If you have to pay for an extended warranty, it is not advisable to avail it at all.

Usually, the components of a high-quality 4K TV are incredibly resilient. They can serve you for a long time to come.

The Pricing Options

Be ready to pay a reasonable price if you need an excellent TV to adorn your drawing-room wall.

Cheap models are available that might seem attractive initially but the performance will slow.

Some of the top models like LG, Sony, and others, might seem expensive when compared to the lowly-priced Chinese TV sets.

Purchasers get attractive discounts on e-commerce websites like Amazon and others. These discounts make these best 4K TVs in India look attractive enough.

The top brands

Some of the top 4K TV brands available in India are LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Kodak, and One Plus.

This 4K TV buying guide should make it easy for you to purchase the best 4K TV in India.

We have discussed all the aspects that you should look for when buying a 4K TV.

One must admit that TVs have become cheaper because of the extreme competition in the market.

Today 4K TVs are the flavour of the town. It is a matter of time before the 8K TVs and the technology connected with it become popular.


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