The Indian homemaker is rightfully known as the Boss of the House.

However, if there is someone who the Boss is also wary of, it is the housemaid.

Here is one woman who can bring the Boss to her knees by simply striking from work.

The homemaker would never like the situation to escalate to such an extent because it could end up with, she having to wash the utensils. Yes, washing utensils in an Indian kitchen can be a challenging responsibility.

Today, you have an appliance that not only takes up the challenge but also comes out trumps. Yes, we are referring to the dishwashers.

Now, the homemaker need not be afraid of antagonising the maid. The dishwasher is the perfect alternative to the maid.

Best Dishwasher in India 2020

1. Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher – SMS66GI01I

Bosch is one of the top washing machine brands in the world. Hence, it is no surprise that they manufacture some of the best dishwashers, as well. This Bosch dishwasher is ideal for Indian utensils because of its adjustable racks. They allow you to place the kadhais, pressure cookers, and other oddly-shaped utensils usually found in India.

  • 12-place settings – ideal for 6-member family
  • Six wash programmes
  • Two-year warranty
  • Low Noise levels
  • Water consumption at 9 litres

Bosch dishwasher has temperature settings that heat the water up to 70 degrees Celsius, ideal for washing utensils. It ensures to kill nearly 99.9% of germs, thereby providing the most hygienic washing experience.

The Bosch machine is an environmentally friendly appliance as it saves a lot of water. This machine uses around nine litres of water for a washing job that would require a maximum of 60 litres for a manual washing job.

The Bosch appliance is user-friendly to the core, thereby providing for effortless cleaning. There is no need to rinse the utensils before loading them into the machine.

For a machine of this size, it is a gentle handler in many ways. Glass and crockery can break when washing manually. This machine has a delicate washing cycle that ensures thorough cleaning of glass and porcelain without damaging them.

The unique quality of this machine is that it works with different workloads with equal efficiency. It has a half-load feature to save energy, water, and time. It also comes with different speed cycles, thereby ensuring an efficient performance every time.

The Aqua Sensor mode uses a light beam to sense the level of soiling and adjusts the level of water accordingly. The Intensive Kadhai mode is a powerful programme to take care of heavily soiled and greased cookware.

The Express Sparkle programme helps the busy homemaker to save valuable time. This feature helps to clean and dry a full load within 60 minutes.

  • Excellent performance with a variety of wash cycles
  • Great value for money
  • Saves water and power
  • The machine does not come with a stand
  • Placing utensils in the lowest rack can be a back-breaking affair

This Bosch appliance is one of the best dishwashers in India in 2020.

2. IFB Neptune SX1 Fully Automatic Front-Loading Dishwasher

IFB is one of the best when it comes to manufacturing home appliances. They have an excellent reputation for producing high-quality washing machines. The IFB dishwashers are equally efficient in all respects.

  • 15-place settings – Ideal for large families of six or more members
  • Eight wash programmes
  • Two-year warranty
  • Low water consumption – Nine litres
  • Energy efficient
  • Low noise levels

The designing of the IFB dishwasher is of the highest order. It can accommodate tall glasses, small cups, cutlery, pans, and various plates. The racks are adjustable and removable, thereby making it one of the best dishwashers in India today. It is an ideal appliance for Indian conditions.

One of the positive aspects of the IFB dishwasher is its high degree of efficiency. It not only saves power but also ensures to reduce the carbon footprint. Secondly, the machine is excellent in terms of water consumption. This appliance uses about nine litres of water.

This IFB dishwasher is one of the eco-friendly ones available today, as it saves water, power, and detergent. Thus, it maximises the resources available to do an excellent job.

The highlighting feature of this machine is that it comes with a unique half-load programme that enables you to save water when you have fewer utensils to clean. You can load the upper or lower basket for efficient cleaning performance.

The height-adjustable racks make it the best dishwasher under Indian conditions. You can shift the upper basket up or down depending on the load, thereby allowing you to fit large utensils.

The water softening device present inside the machine ensures to treat hard water and soften it considerably to enable the proper dissolving of detergents. This device also energises the water and ensures spotless hygiene.

If you are looking for a quick wash, the IFB dishwasher is the appliance for you. The light soiled vessels like soup bowl and party plates do not need a heavy wash cycle. The quick wash programme ensures a rapid job.

  • An efficient dishwasher that scores high on performance
  • Adjustable racks make it the ideal one for Indian families
  • Water softener device to take care of hard water residue
  • It occupies valuable space in the kitchen
  • Not the best machine when you have space constraints.

Overall, the performance of the appliance enables it to qualify as one of the best dishwashers in India in 2020.

3. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher SN256W01GI

Siemens is another high-quality dishwasher available in the Indian market. This appliance comes with various features that make it one of the best dishwashers in India.

  • 12-place setting
  • Six wash programmes
  • Noise levels of 52db
  • Saves water and energy
  • Heater facility

The Siemens dishwasher comes with 12-place settings that make it ideal for medium-sized families comprising four to six persons. One place setting consists of one dinner plate, dessert plate, a single glass, a soup bowl, a teacup with saucer, knives, spoons, and forks.

Thus, a 12-place setting can hold up to a 100 utensils easily, including spoons and forks. That should be an ideal setting for a medium to large-sized family in India.

The best aspect of the Siemens dishwasher is its adjustable racks. You can fold some of the shelves to allow the placing of large vessels. There are separate racks for placing small plates, bowls, and cups.

This Siemens dishwasher comes equipped with six programmes including a heated wash.

The machine features an in-built heater that can heat the water up to 70 degrees Celsius. It ensures to maintain an extreme level of hygiene because the hot water sanitises the utensils while washing them.

The appliance is an energy-saving device because it features an Eco-silence drive. It is also an excellent performer when it comes to water consumption.

The half load programme is an ideal one if you have a light load. Some of the other exciting features include a top shower to ensure thorough cleaning.

The aqua-sensor enables the machine to go into sleep mode when there is no supply of water. It starts from where it left off after the resumption of water supply. The load sensor makes sure that the machine uses optimum water and detergent depending on the load.

The glass care system makes it one of the best dishwashers in India to clean glass utensils. The delicate cycle ensures there is no damage to your expensive glass utensils.

  • High-quality performance with savings on water and power
  • Foldable racks make it a highly customisable appliance
  • The Glass care system takes care of your delicate utensils
  • Stocks are limited, especially on e-commerce sites like Amazon
  • Occupies a lot of space

Despite a couple of concerning points, this dishwasher is one of the most efficient machines available on the market today.

4. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher – SMS66GW01I

Bosch has an impressive reputation to maintain. It offers a fantastic range of dishwashers to cater to an extensive array of people. This model is similar to one discussed at the start of the review. The high-quality dishwasher comes with some of the best features in town.

  • 12 place setting – Ideal for a 6-member family
  • Six wash programmes – making it versatile
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Low water consumption of nine litres
  • Hygienic wash

The modern Bosch dishwashers come with a unique Kadhai programme that enables you to adjust the racks and place your oddly-shaped kadhais, pressure cookers, and other Indian vessels. The heavy-duty wash cycle ensures to remove the greasy remains of the kadhais and leaves them sparklingly clean.

The appliance comes with an in-built heater to raise the temperature of water up to 70 degrees, thereby killing all bacteria and germs to ensure a hygienic wash.

The Bosch dishwasher uses a maximum of 9.5 litres of water for a job that would require a minimum of 60 litres when done manually.

The Quick wash or the Express Sparkle programme does a fast job, whereby your utensils become clean and dry in 60 minutes flat.

The appliance is one of the most convenient to use, especially with the adjustable racks. The technology in use ensures that you do not have to rinse your utensils before placing them inside.

This Bosch machine is the best when it comes to taking adequate care of your delicate glass utensils and crockery. It comes with various wash programmes that save water, energy, and time.

The high-quality control options ensure that you get sparklingly clean utensils at the touch of a button. The controls are so easy that even a child can operate the machine comfortably.

The half-load feature saves water and time, as it allows for placing of fewer vehicles. The VarioSpeed feature cleans, washes, and dries your vessels in the shortest possible time. The Aqua sensor feature is useful for determining the extent of soiling, thereby adjusting water usage accordingly.

  • High-quality performance without any sort of discomfort
  • Continuous working, thereby displaying high efficiency
  • Customisable appliance
  • The appliance does not handle hard water properly
  • Considering features, a bit on the expensive side

Nevertheless, this appliance qualifies as one of the ideal dishwashers for an average Indian home.

5. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB dishwashers are amongst the most reliable ones in India today with their amazing features. Apart from saving energy, these machines are excellent in saving water and time. Here are the exciting features of this IFB Neptune VX dishwasher

  • 12 place settings – best for families up to six persons
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • Noise levels – 49db
  • Two wash arms

IFB Neptune VX is a fully electronic dishwasher that does not require any manual interference. Hence, you do not have to rinse the utensils before placing them inside the machine. The appliance has ample space to include all types of Indian vessels.

The adjustable racks allow a great deal of flexibility, whereby accommodating Indian vessels like pans and pressure cookers become easy.

The IFB dishwasher has an A++ energy rating that helps to save on your electricity bills. Besides, it ensures to reduce the carbon footprint.

This machine is an excellent one to save water. It consumes around nine litres of water to clean a whole load. The 12 place settings entail that an entire load could comprise nearly 100 utensils.

By utilising less water, detergent, and electricity, the dishwasher makes maximum use of resources available. The half load feature is one of the best ones available because it enables you to save water, time, and energy when you have a light load. Thus, this dishwasher is a good one for smaller families, as well.

The customisable nature of this dishwasher makes it one of the favourites of Indian homemakers. The height-adjustable upper basket enables you to move it up or down to accommodate oddly-shaped Indian vessels.

This dishwasher is one of the best when it comes to handling hard water. The water softening device ensures the better dissolving of detergents to enable a high quality of spotless cleaning.

Working homemakers would be delighted with the Quick Wash feature that enables them to complete the challenge of washing utensils in a mere 60 minutes. The jet washer mode is an innovative feature to remove stubborn grease with ease.

  • Highly customisable and flexible
  • Excellent features like half-load and Quick wash
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • It does not include an in-built heater but it has a steam drying option
  • Occupies a lot of space in the kitchen

This free-standing machine is a portable device making it one of the best dishwashers in India for medium-sized families.

6. BPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher D812S27A

BPL is one of the indigenous dishwasher models in India that come with India-specific features. These excellent features make this appliance one of the best dishwashers in India in 2020.

  • 12 place settings – suitable for families up to six persons
  • Eight wash programs – highly efficient
  • One-year warranty
  • Noise levels of 65db
  • Low water and power consumption

One of the best dishwashers in India with eight wash programmes, the BPL D812S27A is as India-specific as it can get. This machine can cater to all your workload because it is compatible with steel utensils and plastic and glass vessels alike.

This machine ensures to handle each utensil with utmost care while performing an admirable job of cleaning it thoroughly.

The 12-place settings should be ideal for meeting all the requirements of an average Indian family. The customisable racks allow you to fold some to accommodate the larger vessels.

The best feature of this appliance is its half-load functionality that caters to lighter jobs with equal felicity. This handy function ensures to use only one section of the dishwasher, thereby reducing power and water consumption to the bare minimum.

This dishwasher is one of the most convenient to operate. The LED display helps to select the optimum washing cycle for the appropriate load.

Apart from customising the settings, it also allows you to monitor the wash and keep track of the time necessary to complete the job. It is also possible to check on the water and detergent levels at all times.

The in-built heater function enables the machine to tackle the stubborn grease stains, especially on the lower portion of Kadhais. Removing oil stains becomes easy if you have powerful jets of hot water spraying all around the greasy area.

  • Ensures to do a perfect job every time
  • Ideal machine to save water, power, and time
  • Best dishwasher for medium-sized families
  • Easy to operate and control
  • The machine is the noisiest among all the other models discussed here
  • Occupies a lot of space

This indigenously manufactured dishwasher ranks amongst the best dishwashers in India.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

If you are new to dishwashers, there is nothing to worry about. You can consider your dishwasher to be similar to your washing machine.

The only distinction is that you will be washing utensils in a Dishwasher, whereas a washing machine caters to your clothes. Thus, the size of the family should define the capacity of the dishwasher you buy.

The Family Size

Small families comprise of couples or a couple with one child. Medium families can have four to six persons. A large family is one where you have more than six people living in the house.

Indians have a joint-family system that classifies the average Indian family as a large one.

Depending on the size of the family, you can opt from the 8, 12, and tall tub variations.

The average Indian family should go for the 12-place setting that can hold a maximum of 12 numbers of plates, glasses, bowls, saucers, and dessert plates each.

Such a dishwasher has specific options for including the odd-shaped Indian vessels like kadhais and pots. Spoons and forks should not be an issue at all.

If your family comprises people from the older generation, you might have to choose the 16-place setting or the tall-tub variant. Such a dishwasher can wash up to 120 utensils at a time.

Depending on your family size, you do the calculations and select the ideal one for your home.

  • Small Family – 8-place setting should be fine
  • Medium family – 12-place setting is essential
  • Large family – Either a 12-place or a 16-place setting should be ideal

You have now cleared the first step towards choosing the right type of dishwasher for your home. We shall now look at the different kinds of dishwashers available depending on the requirements of your family.

Built-in Under The Counter Dishwasher

This dishwasher is the perfect appliance if you are residing in your own home. This appliance is installed under the kitchen countertop.

It has a separate water inlet and outlet. Therefore, your kitchen sink remains free. It is one of the most commonly observed dishwashers in India. As it is a permanent setting, it is not the ideal one for people who live in rented homes.

However, if you have your own home, this dishwasher should rank among the top when it comes to choosing your kitchen partner.

Beneficial aspects of the Built-in Under the Counter Dishwasher

  • Best for people who live in their own homes
  • Kitchen faucet remains free for use

The drawback of the appliance

  • Not an ideal one for people living in rented accommodation

Free-standing Portable Dishwashers

If the appliance described above was the perfect one for a family living in their own homes, this portable free-standing dishwasher is ideal for families living in rented accommodation.

As a sizeable majority of the Indian population live in rented houses, this type of dishwasher is also turning out to be a popular one.

The portable dishwashers are convenient because you can shift them anywhere, similar to how you do with washing machines. When needed, you can drag the appliance to the kitchen sink area and connect the faucet to it. Otherwise, this dishwasher serves as an additional counter-top workspace.

Advantages of the portable dishwashers

  • The portable nature of this appliance is the most significant advantage
  • It serves as an additional countertop workspace.
  • Great for people living in rented accommodation

Disadvantages of these appliances

  • These machines need parking spaces in the kitchen.

Dish Drawers

The standard dishwashers describe above are ideal for the medium to large-sized families.

The size of the average Indian family is dwindling. The Indian nuclear family should find this dishwasher the best. The best aspect of the dish drawers is that you can opt for the double-drawer system. They work independently of each other.

Plus points of the dish drawers

  • Ideal for small families
  • Occupies less space

Negatives of the dish drawers

  • Small size, hence limited utility

Countertop dishwasher

A countertop dishwasher is a useful appliance for families that keep shifting from one house to another. They resemble the portable dishwashers in various respects.

However, the difference is that you should place them on the kitchen countertop.

Connecting the kitchen faucet becomes easy. The machine can use the kitchen sink to drain away from the water after use.

Why families prefer this type of dishwasher?

  • Portable and small in size, as well
  • Easy to use

What can be its shortcomings?

  • When it is working, you cannot use the kitchen sink.

The dishwasher features you should look out for

Selecting the ideal dishwasher should not be an issue if you know its features. Understand its functions is not a problem. This buying endeavours to make it easy.

Cycle Time

Every dishwasher comes with different cycle times, similar to what washing machines have.

Do you wonder why we bring up the washing machine analogy every time?

It is because the homemaker is most adept at using the washing machine. Try delegating this job to your husband for a day, and you will know the reason.

The cycles depend on how greasy your vessels are. Now, Indian kitchens have some of the oiliest utensils in the world.

Your greasy pans and kadhais need an extended cycle time. In the early stages of usage, you might not be aware of the time required for cleaning such vessels.

However, the best aspect of the dishwashers is that you can adjust the cycle time during the cycle, thereby reducing or extending it according to your convenience. Reducing it will also ensure less consumption of power.

Wash Programmes

Dishwashers, today come with various pre-set wash programmes. Higher the number of applications, the better will be your washing experience. No one can deny that.

However, it will also entail that you dig deep into your pockets because dishwashers with a higher number of pre-set programmes are expensive.

There is no need to worry because dishwashers are customisable today. Choose the one that offers the highest degree of flexibility.

You should focus on purchasing the appliances that provide limited wash programmes.

Such devices are not only affordable but also easy to use. The entry-level machines come with a minimum of three programmes, whereas the top-spec ones could come with as many as seven.

Some of the wash cycles are as follows.

  • Delayed wash – Such a setting allows you to set the timing from one hour to 24 hours for the commencement of the wash cycle.
  • Rinse and Hold – Similar to the soaking programme in the washing machines, the dishwashers come with a Rinse and Hold cycle. It enables the rinsing of the utensils and removing the odour without using detergent as the machine awaits the full load.
  • Only Rinse – This cycle is the best for cleaning leftovers.
  • Quick Wash – Homemakers who double up as career women would love this feature in their machines. It enables them to clean the soiled utensils in double-quick time.
  • Sanitise – This cycle is crucial because there can be a build-up of germs from your food leftovers. This cycle uses water at high temperature to kill almost all viruses and bacteria.

Range of temperature

You have dishwashers with built-in heaters to heat the water. Hot water can make it easy for the machine to get rid of grease from the utensils.

The dishwashers are customisable because you can control the temperature range. If you have highly soiled utensils, it is advisable to set the temperature higher than usual.

At the same time, a lighter load will not require such a high range. Thus, you can save on the power aspect, as well.

Smart features

With advancing technology, you can expect dishwashers to come with the state-of-the-art features like soil-level sensors and temperature sensors and so on.

Soil level sensors help you to add the ideal quantity of detergent in the machine.

Water sensors are also present to ensure that the device uses an optimum amount of water.

The temperature sensors ensure the right temperature of water depending on the load of soiled utensils and the level of detergents used.

Auto-restart option Safety Lock Buzzer Salt Refill Indicator Dry tap indicator

Power cuts are frequent in India. Hence, the dishwashers manufactured keeping Indian conditions in mind come with an auto-restart option. It enables the machine to start from where it left off during the power cut.

It is advantageous because you do not have to interfere manually once you begin the machine. It will take care of itself. By continuing from where it stopped, the device also ensures to save power.

Children can be curious. They could accidentally open the machine while at work. It can damage the device and cause harm to the child, as well. Therefore, ensure that your dishwasher comes equipped with a door safety lock.

Similar to washing machines, the dishwashers come with end-of-the-cycle buzzer. The facility is useful because it announces the end of the washing operation.

You can safely open the door and remove the utensils. This feature indicates the completion of each cycle when you have multiple loads.

Therefore, you do not have to open the machine to confirm the end of the cycle.

Some of the dishwashers come with a salt dispenser for softening the water. It enables to clean the vessels thoroughly.

This dispenser keeps supplying salt whenever required. The presence of a Salt Refill Indicator can help you to replenish the salt without fail.

It will indicate when the level of salt in the dispenser goes down below the threshold level.

We have seen the solution for power cuts. In India, you have to contend with water cuts, at times. You would not like your machine to run short of water at a crucial time.

The dry tap indicator lets out a beep to indicate that the cessation of water supply.

The best aspect of the dishwashers available today is that it goes into sleep mode automatically under such circumstances.

The machine resumes working after the restoration of the water supply.

Protection from rats

The dishwashers have a wire mesh on the drain hole that prevents rats from entering the system and damaging it.

Flooding prevention

Food particles can get stuck inside the drainpipe and choke it, thereby flooding the machine. Flooding can also occur if the drain pump fails to function correctly.

It results in more water being pumped into the device before the existing water drains out.

The dishwashers come with two switches. In case, the first one fails to function, the second switch takes over to operate the drain pump.

Thus, it helps to prevent flooding inside the machine. The second switch is a dual-pressure switch that employs higher pressure to start the drain pump.

Food disposal and filters

Generally, you remove the solid food particles before placing the utensils inside the machine. It ensures that the food particles do not choke the drainpipes.

Some of the advanced dishwashers come with unique features that eliminate the need of rinsing off the plates before placing them into the machine.

These filters ensure that leftover food does not go on to clog the drains. You have manual filters that require manual cleaning, whereas the self-cleaning filters take care of the waste solids on its own.

Compatibility with hard water

Hard water is the most notorious enemy of appliances like geysers, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Hard water causes the formation of scales all over the device. Thus it reduces the efficiency of the detergent.

Many dishwashers come with descaling capabilities or water-softening chambers that check the water for hardness.

On sensing a level of hardness, the resins present in this chamber get to work to soften it before employing it for the washing process.

Materials in use

The ideal material to have in a dishwasher is stainless steel.

You have plastic dishwashers, as well, but they are comparatively less durable. Stainless steel does not rust. It can also keep out the stains and odours.

As these machines come with in-built heaters, stainless steel helps in transferring heat quickly as compared to plastic.

Steel tubs can also withstand high temperature. The inherent qualities of steel make these washers incredibly energy-efficient. Such dishwashers can cost more initially, but it evens out as you keep using the machine.

The usual hardware

Dishwashers come with various features such as removable racks, collapsible racks, and adjustable shelves.

Indian families should opt for washers having adjustable shelves. It becomes convenient to place the oddly-shaped vessels like the kadhais and other pans.

Indians use pressure cookers more than their international counterparts. These pans have great utility but can be difficult to place inside a dishwasher. An adjustable or removable rack can prove beneficial.

Dishwasher – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to rinse the utensils before placing them inside the dishwasher?

This habit is not a new one. Many homemakers give their clothes a quick hand wash before putting them into the washing machine. This habit carries forward when they use the dishwashers, as well. In a way, it is not a bad habit because you make it easy for the machine. It also prevents the clogging of the drainpipes.

However, it is not necessary. The modern-day dishwashers come with technology that cleans the food leftovers from the dishes. If the food becomes dry, it can be a challenge to remove them. Therefore, you have the rinse and hold cycle in these machines.

What utensils can we wash in a dishwasher?

It is better to refer to the manual before starting to use the machine. Most of the modern-day utensils are dishwasher safe. Avoid washing thin glass utensils in the machine, as they can break. Similarly, the porcelain plates are also items that can break. Be careful when dealing with such utensils.

Should I use detergent powder or a gel/liquid?

Liquids or gels are suitable but you could end up overusing them. Detergent powders are the best because they have a high degree of efficiency. It is advisable to go for prominent brands and avoid the locally-made ones. Your dishwasher will work longer.

What is the procedure of loading the dishwasher?

While loading the dishes and utensils, one should ensure that they face the spray arms of the machine. In this way, the cleaning can be of a high standard. Ensure that the knives and other sharp tools are loaded facing downwards to avoid injuries when removing them. Similarly, it is better to load utensils with the soiled side facing upwards.

When should we use the heater functionality?

If you have stubborn grease to remove, it becomes necessary to use the heater functionality. The hot water enables smooth removal of the food debris to leave the utensils sparklingly clean.

Why do you always find water at the bottom of a dishwasher?

The presence of water keeps the seals and pump moist. If they are allowed to become dry, they can become brittle and get damaged. It can increase the maintenance cost of your dishwasher.

hat are the best dishwashers available in India in 2020?

We have discussed six of the best dishwashers available in India. Some of the top dishwasher companies are Bosch, IFB, Siemens, and BPL.


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