What would you like after a hard day at the office?

A soft mattress that provides the perfect comfort for your back should be ideal.

What constitutes optimum comfort? It depends a lot on the category of sleeper you are.

The materials that go into the preparation of the mattress is crucial, as well.

Other factors that matter are the mattress size, the firmness of the bed, your body weight, and most importantly, your budget.

We shall look at all these aspects in our mattress guide. We will review some of the best mattresses available on the market to make it easy for you to decide on the right one.

Best Mattresses in India in 2020

We shall now review some of the top mattresses available in India in 2020 and see why they are the ideal ones today.

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the best when it comes to providing support to your back and shoulders. The orthopaedic specialists recommend such beds to people with a history of chronic back pain.

These mattresses can provide immediate relief because they adjust according to the contours of your body. Therefore you get uniform support.

A crucial aspect of this best mattress for back pain is that it ensures the perfect alignment of your spine, neck, and hips. Thus you do not experience any blood clots and restlessness during sleep.

The automatic adjustment feature ensures to maintain the ideal sleeping posture, an essential factor in providing relief from backaches.

The open-cell design of the memory foam mattress helps in regulating the temperature levels. It also allows the mattress to breathe freely. Therefore, it proves to be the best mattress to sleep on during the summer months.

This mattress comes with a removable zippered external cover that allows for easy washing.

The firmness levels of this mattress are between medium-soft to medium-firm, an ideal level for our bodies. This Wakefit mattress can be flipped over regularly to elongate its life span.

  • It supports the shape of the body and thus, provides relief from backaches.
  • Rolling and packing this mattress is convenient. Therefore it is easily portable.
  • Maintaining the mattress is comfortable.
  • The thickness of six inches could prove uncomfortable to heavy people.
  • The sides of the mattress do not have additional support. Hence, it can start to sag quickly.

2. SleepyCat Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

The SleepyCat orthopaedic memory foam mattress is a multi-layered mattress designed to provide the highest degree of comfort to every user. This mattress comes with a 5-inch durable high-density base foam along with a 1-inch of gel-memory foam.

Therefore, this bed performs a dual duty of distributing your weight evenly across the mattress and regulates your body temperature, as well. Thus, it qualifies as one of the best memory foam mattresses available in India today.

The orthopaedic nature of the foam helps to maintain the natural alignment of your spine and relieve pressure points. Thus, you get complete freedom from backaches. The millions of gel beads embedded inside the mattress ensure to maintain the temperature at comfortable levels.

The mattress comes with a protective top layer that does not exhibit motion transfer. Thus, it allows your partner to sleep peacefully even if you turn and toss around during the night. This multi-layered foam mattress comprises of the following.

  • An anti-skid base at the bottom to provide a firm gripping on the ground or the bed surface.
  • The breezy inner cover allows free circulation of air to enable your mattress to breathe properly.
  • The 5-inch high-density form provides much-needed comfort.

The 1-inch gel memory foam ensures equal distribution of weight across the mattress.

The premium zipper cover makes it easy for you to maintain the mattress, thereby extending its lifespan.

  • It comes in a ready-to-use state.
  • It is a lightweight mattress that suits everyone’s budget.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals, thereby proving to be the best mattress from the hygienic angle.
  • Pressure-relieving technology makes it the ideal mattress to relieve back pain.
  • The 6-inch thickness seems a bit on the lower side. It could have been eight to ten inches thick to provide greater comfort.

3. Emma Mattress – Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Emma Mattress is available in different sizes extending from 72x60 to 84x72 inches. It thus proves to be a versatile mattress in many ways.

This mattress has various layers to provide the maximum comfort to the user. The German-build quality ensures that the matter is neither too soft nor too firm. Thus, it is an ideal one to provide relief from all kinds of body aches.

The different layers of the mattress have distinctive advantages.

The climate regulating top cover regulates humidity and encourages the mattress to breathe. While it does not retain heat, it fits into the core of your bed perfectly to provide excellent comfort.

The adaptive Airgocell foam has an open-cell structure to enable free air circulation. It provides point elasticity, thereby not exhibiting any motion transfer. Therefore, you get maximum relief even if one of the partners is a restless turner.

The pressure-relieving Visco-Elastic memory foam provides the ideal support to your spine. Thus, it is one of the best memory foam mattresses in India.

The supportive base foam with adaptive cut-out technology provides the required counter pressure irrespective of your sleeping posture. Thus, your back and shoulders get the ideal comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • It is an excellent one, as it ensures undisturbed sleep throughout the night.
  • The memory foam and gel foam take body aches out of the equation.
  • Despite being eight inches thick, it is a highly portable mattress.
  • The mattress is one-sided, thereby affecting its durability quotient.
  • At times, it is too soft for comfort.

4. Wakefit Dual Comfort – Hard & Soft

This Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress is an all-purpose mattress that provides the highest degree of comfort while being firm at the same time. Thus, it proves to be an ideal bed for those who suffer from back problems frequently.

One side of the mattress provides the softness required to give you peaceful sleep at night. In case you have a backache, you can flip the mattress over and take comfort from the medium-firm surface to get the necessary relief.

The mattress comes with three distinct layers, each of which has its significance.

The breathable fabric makes it convenient for air to circulate, thereby ensuring a smooth sleeping experience.

The soft foam layer provides a soft, cloud-like comfort feeling for those longing for a medium-soft sleeping surface.

The high-resilience foam layer provides a firm support base that can prove handy for people with back problems. It is also the ideal surface to sleep on during the winters because of the heat retention properties of the foam.

This double-sided mattress is thus the best mattress for spine alignment. It is also the best mattress for lower back pain, as the medium-firm surface provides the right level of comfort without sagging too much.

  • A double-sided mattress that provides superior comfort
  • No motion transfer, thereby proving to be the best for sleepers who keep changing postures during the night
  • Non-removable fixed cover that ensures the longevity of the mattress by protecting it from external damage
  • The non-removable cover makes it difficult to clean the bed if necessary
  • The soft side can sink considerably over time to make it a medium-hard mattress within four to five years. Hence, its durability is a concerning factor.

5. SleepX Ortho mattress – memory foam

This SleepX Ortho mattress is one of the best memory foam mattresses in India at present because of various factors. Its size is one of the clinching factors. It is an ideal mattress to have for couples having one child.

The eight-inch thickness also ensures that the matter is an extremely durable one.

The orthopaedic technology used in manufacturing this mattress makes it one of the best mattresses for back pain and other body aches.

This mattress is ideally engineered for providing spinal support. The five layers present in the bed makes it one of the most comfortable ones in the home.

The top layer and the bottom layer consist of Soft Quiltech Foam In-Quilting to provide a high level of comfort and convenience.

The memory foam in-quilting technology ensures that it adjusts to your body contours perfectly to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience.

The Visco Rebonded foam forms a significant layer to enhance the comfort factor.

As the mattress comes with another layer of soft Quiltech foam in-quilting, this mattress becomes a double-sided one that provides varying levels of comfort on both its sides.

The Rebonded foam exhibits heat retention capacity thereby making it an ideal one to sleep on during the winter months. In the summer months, you can flip it over and use it accordingly.

  • The double-sided advantage ensures the longevity of the mattress.
  • The size is an advantage as it can cater to a 3-member family with ease.
  • The eight-inch thickness makes it one of the best mattresses in India
  • At 40 kg, it can prove to be a heavy mattress.
  • It is not a breathable mattress as it does not provide for proper air circulation.

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Memory Foam Single-Size Mattress

The Solimo single size mattress is one of the best single beds in India today that offers premium quality along with the high value. These mattresses have cleared more than 50 quality checks to ensure that they provide the highest degree of comfort and convenience.

Thus, bachelors or single persons can have a great time using the Solimo Memory Foam mattress.

The memory foam mattress conforms to the medium-soft category that can adjust its shape to the contours of the body.

Thus, it ensures an even distribution of weight throughout the mattress. It is ideal for the combination sleepers who adopt different postures at different times.

This mattress comes with three distinct layers and topped with a knitted soft fabric for providing additional support to your back. The breathable top-fabric makes it the ideal bed for all seasons.

The anti-skid bottom fabric ensures that it does not slip on the surface you place it.

This sag-resistant mattress has adulteration-free purity foam that ensures the highest levels of hygiene. The lack of springs takes the motion transfer aspect out of the equation.

Thus, it makes no difference if you turn and toss around in your sleep. You get the same degree of comfort every time.

  • The breathable mattress makes it possible to use in all seasons
  • Highly durable, as the bed has cleared more than 50 quality checks before dispatch
  • Medium-soft nature of the bed makes it one of the best for lower back pain
  • The six-inch thickness can be uncomfortable for heavy people weight more than 90 kg.
  • It is a single-sided mattress, thereby restricting its lifespan.

7. Dreamzee Ortho-care memory foam mattress

This mattress belongs to the mild category, as it has a smooth top portion and a medium-firm portion at the bottom. The reversible nature of this mattress is one of the highlights, as it provides the perfect kind of care to people suffering from back problems.

The mattress comes with two layers of foam, 1-inch cool memory foam and 1-inch soft foam. Thus, the mattress conforms to your body contours beautifully and provides the most comfortable resting experience.

The soft foam also ensures to regulate the temperature and ease the pressure points to offer tremendous relief from body aches. The support layer at the bottom makes it a medium-firm mattress.

If you continue to experience backaches, you can quickly flip over the bed and enjoy the convenience of a firm mattress without compromising on the comfort factor.

It also comes with motion isolation features where the movements of one partner do not have a cascading effect on the other.

  • It provides the highest degree of comfort level and support to the body, similar to what you experience in hotels.
  • As there is no motion transfer, you do not disturb your partner with your constant turning and tossing around in bed.
  • The high resilience foam provides ample support to your back by maintaining the proper alignment of your spine.
  • On the budgeting front, this mattress is a favourite with homemakers.
  • The mattress thickness is five inches. Hence, it can have issues on the durability aspect.
  • Heavy people can find it a challenge to get comfort and convenience because of its dimensions.

Mattress Buying Guide

Your sleeping position

Medical experts say that the foetal position is the best posture to sleep. However, every person has his/her preferences.

Some of you might love to sleep on your back. On the other hand, some prefer to sleep upside down on their stomach. The side sleepers make up a significant proportion of the population.

Now, your question would be, ‘How does the sleeping position affect the type of mattress you buy?’

Each sleeping position has different requirements of support, comfort, and firmness.

If you choose an incompatible mattress, you could end up with a bad back when you wake up in the morning.

Before we discuss the benefits of the ideal mattress depending on your sleeping styles, here is what you should be looking at.

Sleeping Styles  The ideal mattress for you
Side Sleepers Soft or a medium mattress
Back or stomach sleepers A firm mattress should be perfect
A combination of both  The medium-firm bed is ideal

Side Sleepers

A side sleeper exerts a lot of pressure on the hips and the shoulders. Therefore, the ideal mattress is one that allows your shoulders and hips to sink in beautifully.

A firm mattress is not the ideal one because these mattresses can be rigid. A soft or medium-firm bed should be perfect because of the flexibility they offer.

A memory foam mattress can be the best bet because it helps to maintain the perfect alignment for your back and neck. Side sleepers require beds that provide relief from the pressure your body weight exerts on the hips and shoulders.

Side sleepers can also try to sleep with a pillow placed between their legs. Some of them use two pillows to balance the neck properly, as otherwise, you would wake up with a stiff neck.

Back Sleepers

A back sleeper is different from the person who sleeps on his/her sides. The lumbar spine curve needs maximum support for such sleepers.

Your body will sink if you choose a soft mattress. The firmer the bed, the better it is for you. A firm mattress provides the right kind of support you need.

If you do not have the right bed, you could end up with a prolonged back problem.

Back sleepers should avoid spring mattresses at all costs. Spring mattresses can be very soft. A memory foam mattress can provide the right kind of comfort you need.

The best part is that it conforms to the natural spine alignment while proving comfortable at the same time.

Back sleepers should not use two pillows because it can cause significant discomfort to your neck. Placing a pillow under your back can prove useful as it provides greater relief.

Stomach Sleepers

Many Indians love to sleep on their stomachs because they have comparatively more full hips and heavy chests. When you sleep on your stomach, these areas absorb the highest pressure.

A soft mattress can cause you to sink deep into it. Thus, you end up losing your spine alignment. It also becomes a challenge to change your styles during the night. Stomach sleepers keep tossing around the entire night.

The mattress should be an ideal one to withstand the pressure. Therefore, you should avoid spring mattresses. Tossing around at night can disturb your partner because the spring would keep bouncing all over the place when you toss and turn.

If you love to have something soft, memory foam or an airbag mattress should be ideal.

Combination sleepers

Combination sleepers are those who keep changing their position throughout the night.

They might start sleeping on the backs and end up sleeping sideways in the middle of the night. The medium-firm mattress should be your ideal companion.

Couples who are combination sleepers should avoid spring mattresses, or they could end up disturbing each other during the night every time they toss and turn.

Different mattress for different people

Mattress for couples

Couples have to be careful when choosing cushions. If both are similar type of sleepers, it should not be a problem.

However, if one person is a stomach sleeper and the other one a side sleeper, it can be a challenge to select the ideal mattress. A medium-firm bed should be the perfect one, as it can suit both of them.

Mattress for pregnant women

Pregnant women sleep on their sides, especially on their left. It is the most comfortable position for them. Therefore, the soft ones and the firm mattresses are out of the equation.

The medium-firm beds should be perfect. Pregnant women should also use an additional pillow to provide extra comfort to the neck.

A memory foam mattress and pillow are the best ones to have.

Mattress for babies

Babies have supple bodies. They also change their positions frequently throughout the night. Children love to sleep on soft cushions. It should not be an issue at all.

However, try to avoid spring mattresses for children because they could jump all around the place and cause the spring to pop up from beneath the fabric. It could cause injuries to them.

Secondly, one should avoid PUF mattresses for children. PUF can be a dangerous product because of the chemical additives the manufacturers add when preparing the filling.

Inhaling this pollutant can cause headaches, coughing fits, and breathlessness. Therefore, latex mattresses should be the best for children.

Mattress for overweight people

Massive people have excess fat on their bodies. Therefore, they emit more heat than others. Consequently, it is better if such people buy a breathable mattress.

Spring mattresses should be good because there is enough space inside to enable free circulation of air. The foam mattresses accumulate more heat and can cause inconvenience.

Secondly, heavy people should opt for a thicker mattress. Anything between 10 to 12 inches is perfect.

Spring mattresses with additional support at the edges are ideal because these mattresses do not sag.

Mattress for people with back pain

Mattresses can offer the best comfort, but a wrong cushion can be tough on your back.

Backaches can affect anyone. Other than backaches, you could end up with neck discomfort, as well. Therefore, choosing the right mattress becomes imperative.

People with back pain should remain away from the soft cushions, as these beds can aggravate the pain instead of providing relief. The memory foam mattress or the latex mattress is the best for such people.

Different types of mattresses in India

Mattresses are in high demand in India. Secondly, choosing the ideal mattress can be a challenging task, as well. It is because of the variety of beds available on the market. Here are the different types of mattresses you can buy in India.

  • Spring mattress
  • Coir mattress
  • Foam mattress
  • Memory Foam mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Air bed
  • Gel bed or Water-bed

Spring Mattress

If you love bouncy mattresses, the spring mattress is the right one for you. Therefore, if either of you is a restless sleeper, it is not the best choice.

Every movement can send the springs bouncing all over the place to bring in a lot of discomforts. However, these mattresses are any day, better than the coir mattresses that are commonly found in India.

It is advisable to use a mattress topper to enhance the lifespan of the bed.

What does one like about the spring mattress?

  • A bouncy mattress makes it convenient for absorbing shocks.
  • It can provide decent comfort from back pain.
  • On the budget front, the spring mattress is a reasonable one to buy.

What can annoy the user?

  • On the durability aspect, there are better mattresses than the spring ones
  • Be ready for sleepless nights if you have a restless partner

Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses are an Indian speciality because they are usually, not found elsewhere in the world. Coconut fibre is available in plenty in India.

It explains their popularity in this country. One of the most significant benefits of coir mattresses is that they are the eco-friendliest of all beds available.

The coir mattress is a firm one. Therefore, it can prove to be moderately helpful if you are prone to backaches. Secondly, there is no motion transfer in these mattresses.

Therefore, people used to tossing around here and there on their beds can opt for the coir mattresses, especially if they have tight budgets.

The beneficial points of coir mattresses

  • Budget wise, the coir mattress is the best bet.
  • As these mattresses have a firm base, they do not exhibit any bounciness.

Points that can discourage the buyer

  • The coir mattress does not provide the highest degree of comfort.
  • If you have backache, sleeping on a coir mattress can aggravate it.
  • The coir mattress does not have a particularly long lifespan.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses are different from coir mattresses because they provide the comfort necessary to tackle backaches. These mattresses are commonly found in India.

They are suitable for heavy people because these mattresses have various layers of foam to make it thick. The additional layers enhance the lifespan of these beds.

Secondly, the foam mattress does not exhibit any motion transfer. Therefore, it is a comfortable one to have in your home.

These mattresses are soft as well as firm at the same time. Hence, they prove to be excellent for people with back problems.

What makes people choose the foam mattress over the others?

  • Durability is a critical issue, as these beds can last for more than seven to eight years.
  • The foam absorbs and maintains the body heat, and hence prove excellent in the winter months.
  • The lack of motion transfer makes it an ideal one, especially if you are a restless sleeper.

What are the negative issues that keep people away from foam mattresses?

  • People who sweat a lot can find foam mattresses extremely uncomfortable.
  • As your body sinks into the mattress, it can be a challenge to change positions when sleeping.
  • Compared to the coir and spring mattresses, these foam beds are expensive.

Memory Foam mattress

Now is the age of smartphones. If phones can be smart, the cushions can be too, as well. The memory foam mattress is unique because it remembers the contours of your body and adjusts itself perfectly as you keep using it.

Therefore, it is one of the best mattresses to have on your beds. They are the perfect mattresses for the combination sleepers.

As memory foam mattresses have a high conforming ability quotient, they are excellent for bulky users.

What makes it the ideal mattress?

  • The memory function helps to customise the mattress according to your requirements.
  • People with back and shoulder pains get tremendous relief when they use memory foam beds.
  • This mattress ensures to maintain the optimum temperature of the body, thereby enhancing the comfort level considerably.
  • It has a unique open cell structure that helps to remember the pressure exerted even after you get out of bed.
  • It is one of the ideal beds that offers excellent spine alignment.
  • It is one of the most hygienic mattresses around.

The points that everyone should keep in mind

  • As these memory foam mattresses are too soft, they can cause more discomfort while sleeping, especially when you twist and turn in sleep.
  • It can be a challenge to use these foam mattresses in the summer months because of the heat retention capacity of memory foam.

Latex mattress

The difference between the foam mattresses and latex mattresses is that latex is a naturally occurring compound, whereas foam is a chemical combination.

Latex is usually found on rubber trees. Compared to the foam beds, the latex mattresses are denser. Hence, heavy persons ideally prefer latex beds to the foam ones.

Latex mattresses are similar to the foam beds as they conform to the varying contours of the body. At the same time, they have the natural bounciness and temperature regulation features.

Latex beds are available in two forms, the Talalay latex and the Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex, being heavy, is useful in preparing support cores, whereas Talalay latex is a mixture of light and frothy foam. These mattresses are incredibly durable.

Why 5-star hotels have latex mattresses?

  • From the comfort angle, the latex mattress is excellent. The rubber content and the foam grid ensures fantastic bounciness.
  • The natural compounds present in this mattress ensures minimum retention of heat.
  • Latex also resists the formation of dust, moulds, and mildew, thus, proving to be extremely hygienic.
  • Eco-friendliness is the most significant virtue of the latex mattress.
  • These mattresses provide the highest relief from backache and shoulder/neck pain.
  • Motion transfer is absent, thereby making it ideal for couples, especially if either of them is a restless turner.

What are the drawbacks of a latex mattress?

  • On the budgeting front, the latex beds are the most expensive of the lot.
  • As most of the latex mattresses are available online, it is not possible to try them out before buying it.

Hybrid Mattress

As the name suggests, the hybrid mattress is a combination of more than one type of material. Thus, you can refer to it as two or three beds rolled into one.

It constitutes a mixture of latex, foam, and innerspring. Therefore, this mattress provides you with the benefits of both latex and foam beds.

There are provisions to have an upper layer of memory foam to make it a versatile mattress in many ways. Therefore, the hybrid beds are the most preferred ones by combination sleepers, those who change sleeping postures frequently.

What are the plus points?

  • These cushions provide a high degree of comfort because of the additional layers of foam and the cooling effect of latex.
  • They provide excellent support to the lumbar spine and the neck or shoulder, as well.
  • Compared to the spring mattresses, these mattresses do not exhibit motion transfer.

What are the negative aspects?

  • Despite their comfort and convenience factors, these beds are not the most durable ones.
  • These beds can be a bit on the expensive side, as well.

Air Mattress

Air beds have recently become common because of their versatility. They have always been popular as camping beds. Not many people use them as their primary beds at home.

However, many households store airbeds and make them available to guests.

Usually, the airbeds are made of PVC. Nowadays, you have better materials like rubber or Urethane Plastic.

The benefit of these inflatable beds is that you can customise the thickness according to your preferences. It is an ideal bed for bedridden people as it does not encourage the formation of bedsores.

What makes these beds a popular choice?

  • The portability and cost-effectiveness are two of the most significant advantages
  • As it is a customisable option, these beds are useful for people with backaches and other bedridden problems.
  • These beds do not sag as quickly as the foam beds do.

What are the minus points of these beds?

  • These beds are prone to punctures frequently.
  • The airbeds are usually not usable on both sides.

People who are allergic to foam can opt for water beds or gel beds. These beds are usually, memory foam beds infused with a layer of gel or water. The benefit of these beds is that they encourage better airflow and display excellent cooling capabilities.

People with orthopaedic disabilities like arthritis and so on would love to use these beds.

What people like the most about these beds?

  • The cooling factor is one of the significant advantages.
  • These beds provide excellent support, especially to people with backaches.

What makes people hesitate to purchase these beds?

  • The water beds or gel beds are the most expensive of the lot.
  • They are also not readily available.

Mattress Size – It matters a lot

If you purchase a readymade mattress, you do not have a choice of sizes. They come in four prominent sizes in India. They are,

  • Single bed size – 75 x 36 inches
  • Double bed size – 75 x 60 inches
  • Queen size – 78 x 60 inches
  • King size – 78 x 72 inches
Single Size

The single size beds are ideal for bachelors or single individuals. They are also the best beds to have in the house if you have children. Children can grow fast. Hence, this size should be the perfect one for them.

Double Size

Usually, a double-size cot in India is 75 x 60 inches. Therefore, the double bed size mattress is ideal for couples. These beds cannot accommodate more than two persons.

Queen Size

The Queen size bed is bigger than the double sized one. Hence, two adults can comfortably sleep on a Queen size bed. Young couples with one child usually prefer this size, but it can get cramped up. There would not be enough space to move around.

King size

The Kingsize mattress is the largest size available in India in the readymade form. It is the ideal one for a small Indian family of a couple and one child.

As far as readymade mattresses go, you do not have much of choice in the sizes. Hence, it is advisable to have a made-to-order mattress.

Here, you can customise the size of the mattress to the size of your bed. If you have tall or heavy people in the home, buying a readymade mattress is not a particularly good idea.

Ordering one made according to your specifications is the best thing to do.

The firmness of the mattress

When you purchase a readymade mattress, you will come across this term, firmness. It is measured on a scale ranked from 1 to 10.

The number 1 denotes the softest bed, whereas the number 10, the hardest of the lot.

We have mentioned earlier that the ideal mattress is not necessarily the one that is the softest one available. A lot depends on your weight, sleeping position, and sleeping characteristics.

This scale should help you identify the best mattress, depending on your comfort level.

Firmness level Comfort level Qualities of the mattress

  • 1 Extremely soft Sinks the most, and hence the most conforming of all levels
  • 2 & 3 Soft It also sinks a lot but conforms only to a specific extent
  • 4 Medium Soft Better than the above two levels in all respects
  • 5 Medium Balanced sinking and provides excellent support
  • 6 Medium Firm Sinks little, hence an average level
  • 7 & 8 Firm Provides excellent support but with minimum conforming
  • 9 & 10 Extremely firm Does not sink

Inference from the above

People of average build and weighing less than 58 to 60 kg can opt for comfort levels 2 to 5.

The level 1 will be incredibly soft and hence not much recommended for daily use.

People weighing between 58 to 104 kg should opt for the medium soft beds, as they provide an ideal balance between support and padding. They should choose between levels 4 and 6.

Heavy people, those weighing more than 104 kg, can find the soft and medium beds very uncomfortable. They should opt for the medium-firm to the extra firm ones with comfort level 7 to 9. Level 10 is a substantial one that does not have much utility.

Qualities to look for in a mattress

We have discussed the different types of beds available in India. We have also seen the different mattress sizes and firmness levels. Here are some qualities that one should look for when purchasing a bed for their homes.

Thickness Conforming ability Motion transfer Edge Support Noise Support Durability Off-gassing Weight

The thickness of the mattress depends on the weight of the individual. A thin person can feel comfortable in a small cushion, whereas a massive individual would need a thick mattress. The average thickness of a mattress is around 10 inches.

The success of any mattress lies in adapting to the proper alignment of the spine. The ideal bed is one that keeps you comfortable. The softest mattress is not necessarily the most comfortable one. The spring mattress can be soft and bouncy but can be uncomfortable to sleep. The foam, memory foam, and the latex mattresses should conform the best.

Have you ever wondered why it discomforts you when your partner twists and turns on the mattress? It is because of a factor known as motion transfer. As one partner movers around, the motion transfer reaches the other end of the bed and causes an opposite reaction. Therefore, you feel disruptions. The ideal mattress is one that does not exhibit motion transfer. Spring mattresses show the maximum motion transfer. The foam and latex mattresses are the best in this aspect.

Usually, people sit at the edges of the bed. Therefore, the edges tend to sag or sink at the sides. Hence, it is ideal to have a mattress with edge supports. The edge support is a hard and rigid framing that covers the edges of the bed and prevents it from sinking. The spring mattresses have it, whereas the foam mattresses do not.

Spring mattresses without innerspring make squeaking noises as you move around during sleep. The foam and latex mattresses are better in this regard. The airbag mattresses are also excellent as they do not make any noise that can disturb your sleep.

The best mattress is that which provides the right kind of support to the pelvic region. The prime requirement for such a bed is the ability to provide a flat surface. Therefore, softer mattresses can never give the support required for people suffering from back pain.

Ideally, a mattress should last for a minimum of seven years without sagging. However, much depends on how you use the bed. Cushions do not last long in houses having children and babies. When you have babies in the house, the mattresses have to contend with spillage of urine, food, vomit, and other body fluids. It affects the durability of the bed. Similarly, children jump and frolic around on the mattresses. That can cause the spring coils to break and the foam and latex to sag.

Usually, all mattresses emit a non-toxic and odourless gas when they are new. Latex and foam mattresses can give out an unpleasant odour. The solution to this recurring problem is to keep the bed in an airy room for some days. It allows the smell to dissipate.

The hybrid and latex mattresses are bulky. A king-sized bed can weigh up to 50 kg. On the other hand, foam, airbed, and spring mattresses are comparatively lighter.

When does your mattress need replacing?

It depends on various factors. Usually, these are the signs that indicate that the mattress needs a replacement very soon.

Age of the mattress – If it is six or seven years since purchasing a bed, the time has come to go for a new one. Coir mattresses last for not more than three to four years.

Wake up with some discomfort – If you experience pain every morning on waking up, you should consider replacing your mattress immediately.

Deep indentation and sagging – Mattresses tend to sag over continuous use. If it starts to sag too much, one should replace it as soon as possible. Similarly, springs can break and jut out by tearing through the fabric. Such a mattress needs immediate replacement.

Mattresses – Busting some common myths

We have learned a lot about mattresses. We shall review some of the best beds available in India, as well. However, before doing so, one should clear some common myths about mattresses.

Myth 1 – The softer the mattress, the better it is.

The softest cushion is not necessarily the best one. We have seen that various other factors go into choosing the ideal mattress for an individual.

Myth 2 - Sleeping on a hard mattress is the right way to cure a bad back.

If that were so, no person in the country would have a bad back. Maintaining the right posture when sleeping, standing, and sitting are factors that decide whether a person ends up with a bad back.

Myth 3 – My mattress should deteriorate completely before I purchase a new one.

It is not so. Look for the early signs of damage and take immediate remedial action. In any case, a mattress should not last for more than seven to eight years. If it starts to sag or starts giving you discomfort, it is better to replace it as soon as possible.

Myth 4 – The memory foam mattress is the best of all.

It depends on the individual’s preference. Memory foam mattresses are good at providing comfort, but they are not suitable for people with acute back pain.

Myth 5 – Flipping a mattress every few months increases its longevity.

It is partly true because this tip does not work on single-sided mattresses. Mattresses that are identical on both the sides do last longer if you flip the mattress every few months.

Myth 6 – One does not have to clean the mattress, as washing the linen and bedsheets should be enough.

No, it is not valid. Mattresses require constant maintenance. Just as bedsheets and linen contain dirt and germs, the cushions have them, as well. Cleaning a mattress regularly improves its longevity.

How do you clean a mattress?

We have just seen that cleaning a mattress is necessary to enhance its longevity. We shall now share some tips on how to clean your bed at home using the appliances available at your disposal.

DIY Mattress Cleaning - Combine 3 ingredients to whiten your mattress in no time! | Hometalk

If you think that cleaning a mattress is as easy as washing your shirt or trousers, you are way off the mark. Beds require a different type of cleaning. The mode of cleaning or washing a mattress depends on the kinds of stains on it.

General Dust removal

A simple vacuum cleaner should be enough to remove the general dust on the mattress.

  • Remove the bedsheets and other clothing on the bed.
  • Take out the mattress from its cover if you have one. It is advisable to have one to improve the lifespan of the bed.
  • Use the regular vacuum cleaner and clean it thoroughly as you do so for cleaning the sofa upholstery.
  • The vacuum cleaner can eliminate dust, mites, and other pollutants with ease.

Removing food stains

Food stains can be a challenge to remove. It is natural for people to spill tea, coffee, or any other food on the bed. The liquid can seep through the clothing and soil the mattress.

  • Use baking soda, a natural disinfectant to clean food stains.
  • Take a small quantity of baking soda and spray it all over the mattress, especially on the stains.
  • Scrub the mattress all over to spread the baking soda.
  • If the stains are stubborn, use more baking soda.
  • Let the baking soda sit for twenty minutes or so.
  • The oil and other stains will attach to the baking soda molecules.
  • Use your vacuum cleaning machine to suck up the soda along with the stains.

Body Fluid Stains

Having children in the house is fun. However, they can be a nuisance as well because they could end up urinating or vomiting on the bed. Children can also injure themselves when playing on the bed. It can cause spillage of blood. It can be a challenge to clean these stains.


  • Hydrogen peroxide is the best solution to clean blood and urine stains.
  • Use a rag and add some hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap, and salt.
  • Pour the mixture over the stain and wait for it to absorb the pollutants.
  • Rub gently over the stain using the rag in small circular motions. The stains will go away.

Urine stains

The same procedure mentioned above should help to remove urine stains, as well.

After cleaning the stain, use detergent powder and rub it around where the stain was.

The vacuum cleaner can now be put to use to remove the detergent along with the absorbed pollutants and make the mattress spotless.

Vomit stains

  • Instead of hydrogen peroxide, use ammonia.
  • However, ensure there is proper ventilation in the room
  • Pour undiluted ammonia solution on the vomit stain.
  • Use a wet cloth to rub the stained area
  • After removing the vomit stain, add some baking soda.
  • Use a dry rag to rub the baking soda on the stain.
  • A vacuum cleaner should now come handy to remove the soda remnants.
  • The soda acts as a neutralising agent for ammonia.
Here's how to clean your mattress

Mattress Maintenance Tips

Mattresses can be expensive. They require adequate maintenance. These tips can help you maintain your mattress.

1. Washing the linens and bedsheets regularly is essential.

2. Waterproof protectors can help to extend the life of the mattress.

3. Dual-sized mattresses should be flipped every six months to maintain the consistency of the foam.

4. Pets are lovely, but there should be limits to where they can enter and where they cannot.

5. Pets should be kept out of your beds and mattresses. Cats and dogs can scratch the beds and cause the threads to become loose.

6. Avoid getting barefoot on the bed. Cracks on your feet and nails can tear the fibres. The mattress can get stained, as well.

7. Use the right size of the mattress. It should match the size of the bed. A bigger mattress can start to sag at the sides, thereby reducing its lifespan.

8. People using the airbeds and water beds should ensure to deflate the air and remove the water when not using them. They will work longer than usual.

9. The weight of the bed is a critical factor. A more substantial bed does not necessarily have a long life. Latex and foam mattresses are light but can bear heavy weights and last long, as well.

10. Cover your mattress using a waterproof bedsheet to prevent food stains and body fluids from seeping through into the fibres.

Mattress Buying Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Can the mattress be the cause of my back pain?

The answer can be partly Yes and partly No. It depends on various factors. Your standing, sitting, and sleeping posture can also be the reason for your backache. A bad mattress can also be a reason for your backache. However, using the right kind of bed can give you good relief. Avoid sleeping on soft mattresses when you have a backache. Similarly, a firm mattress can also aggravate the pain. Your spine alignment should be proper if you look for a cure to your backache.

Which mattress should be the ideal one for providing relief from backache?

The memory foam mattress is a good one. These mattresses are medium-soft.
They are neither too soft nor rigid. This mattress adjusts according to the contours of your body and remembers it, as well. Hence, it provides you with more significant relief when you use it repeatedly.

Is it time to change the mattress if my feet start outgrowing the bed?

Yes, you should change the mattress immediately. Your feet should not strut out of bed. It can affect your blood circulation and cause swelling of your feet. Note that the mattress should accommodate you entirely.

Can my mattress aggravate my allergies?

Yes, your mattress can aggravate your allergies, especially if you are an asthma patient. Mattress accumulates the pollutants from the air over time. Inhaling these pollutants while sleeping can exacerbate your allergies. It is time you shifted to a hypo-allergic mattress. Cleaning the mattress and washing the bed linens regularly can also provide relief.

What is a pillow-top mattress?

A pillow-top mattress has an additional layer of cushioning at the top where you place your head while sleeping. It is not a substitute for your pillow.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed every aspect of mattresses and also reviewed some of the best ones available in India. Now, it should not be a challenge for you to choose the ideal mattress for your family.

These mattresses are available online as well as at physical locations.

However, the present-day e-commerce retailers like Amazon offer high-quality services like ‘Prime Delivery, Excellent Support, Easy Returns’ and so on. Therefore, buying it online should also not be an issue. The choice is entirely yours.

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