In this era of Swachcha Bharat, cleaning your house is a significant aspect.

Yes, we agree that the homemaker sweeps and mops the floors daily.

However, as she sweeps the floors, microscopic particles of dust do fly around everywhere.

It explains the bouts of sneezing that you have when you clean your house.

The broom and the mop are handy tools to have in the house, but they do not ensure complete cleanliness.

Under such circumstances, a Vacuum cleaner can do a fantastic job. It sucks the dust particles, however small they are, and prevents them from flying all over the place.

In this post, we shall discuss vacuum cleaners and understand the different types of vacuum cleaners available.

The vacuum cleaner buying guide will also help you select the perfect appliance for your home.

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

1. Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson is one of the top manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in India. Dyson has a variety of vacuum cleaners in its arsenal. These vacuum cleaners come with incredible features.

The Dynamic Load System (DLS) alters the motor speed and suction power automatically depending on the type of floors and carpets to ensure high-quality performance all the time.

This vacuum cleaner comes with three intelligent modes, namely, Eco mode, auto mode, and boost mode to clean your house thoroughly. In a way, this appliance senses, adapts, and deep cleans your home.

This device provides information in real-time. It displays the current performance, including selected power mode, balance running time, maintenance of filters, reminders, and other blockage reports. Thus, you can take remedial action wherever warranted.

The Dyson V11 draws its power from a robust digital V11 motor that spins at an incredible speed of 125,000 rpm, thereby generating up to 185AW of powerful suction.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a patented cyclone technology that can generate a centrifugal force of more than 79,000G to segregate the pollen and other minute impurities and fling them into the bin.

The filtration mechanism is an excellent one capable of trapping up to 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Thus, the air that flows out of the exhaust is much cleaner than the air it sucks in.

The cleaner head of the vacuum cleaner produces high torque thereby delving deep into the carpet fibres to remove the most stubborn dirt with ease. The head comprises of soft anti-static carbon fibre filaments that capture the dust particles from hard floors as well as deep crevices.

The arm of the vacuum cleaner is flexible enough to enable you to reach high into the lofts and attic to remove dust particles from overhead areas. As it is a cordless machine, it is highly manoeuvrable.

This vacuum cleaner is a convertible appliance whereby you can detach the head from the body and convert it into a handheld appliance. Thus, it proves to be an ideal one to clean your car upholstery and other furniture.[/su_note]

The machine works on a unique battery power system comprising of seven-cell Li-ion batteries. Emptying the bin is an easy task with the Point and Shoot mechanism.

Apart from eliminating the dust, it does so hygienically, as well. This appliance occupies less storage space as it comes with Drop-In Docking feature.

  • Excellent performance with its innovative cyclonic action
  • Capable of dealing with every situation
  • Convertible vacuum cleaner, hence, extremely flexible
  • Expensive, when compared to other vacuum cleaners
  • Cleaning the brush can be a challenge at times
  • This vacuum cleaner is a bit on the heavy side

2. Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson vacuum cleaners are renowned for their high-quality performance. This vacuum cleaner comes with the innovative cyclone action to remove the most stubborn dirt and eliminate it with the greatest of ease.

Similar to the V11 motor, the V10 motor spins at speeds up to 125,000 rpm, thereby generating 130W of powerful fade-free suction.

However, compared to the V11 engine, the V10 is an inferior one. This vacuum cleaner comes with 14 cyclones to generate an impressive force of more than 79,000G to eliminate microscopic particles like bacteria and pollen.

This fully-sealed filtration system can trap up to 99.97% of dust particles as minute as 0.3 microns. The machine comes with three power modes, thereby becoming capable of handling all floor types.

This system has powerful suction to deep clean your home within 60 minutes. The Dyson V10 motor is one of the most silent performers that is designed to absorb vibrations.

The V10 is a versatile machine that quickly transforms into a handheld device, thereby enabling you to clean your car upholstery with ease. This cleaner comes with a mini motorised tool to remove pet dander and hair from your upholstery and carpets.

The extended support enables you to clean the cobwebs from the ceiling. The machine comes with a comfortable centre of gravity that makes it easy to reach high places.

Emptying the dust collection container is straightforward. Point and shoot mechanism ejects dust and debris hygienically from the container in one action. Therefore, you do not touch the dirt at any time.

The positive aspect of this vacuum cleaner is that it is easy to store and recharge. This cordless cleaner is a convenient tool as you do not have to worry about the dangling wires from creating a hindrance.

  • Comfortable to use and is a powerful appliance at the same time
  • Cyclonic action ensures to remove the smallest of dust particles
  • Easy to clean the dust container
  • The cost can be a deterrent
  • Spare parts could be a challenge to procure

3. Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 – A Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Philips is another renowned vacuum cleaner manufacturer in India. Some of the most affordable appliances come from the Philips stable.

The vacuum cleaner in question comes with high suction power with Power Cyclone 5. This technology ensures to eliminate dust and control its spread even while emptying.

The Power Cyclone 5 technology accelerates the air in the chamber to separate the dust from the air. The powerful swirling action maximises the flow of air to ensure a remarkable cleaning performance.

The machine draws its power from a 1900W motor to deliver high-quality results every time you use it.

This device is an excellent one to use even for the asthmatic patients because the fully-sealed filtration mechanism captures every speck of dust, including pollen, pet hair, and dust mites. At the same time, it emits pure air from the exhaust to satisfy your hygienic needs.

Emptying the container is a simple task. It is light enough for you to use one hand to empty the container. The integrated soft brush present in the filtration system captures 99.9% of dust and purifies the air around to ensure high-level hygiene.

This appliance comes with a turbo brush nozzle for cleaning the carpets by removing the smallest of dust particles, including pet hair.

  • This machine has a beautiful design with a powerful suction performance
  • The vacuum cleaner is easy to assemble and use
  • This bagless vacuum cleaner is easy to clean.
  • It is an ideal device to clean pet hair.
  • The machine does not come with a blower mechanism.
  • The company could do well to reduce the price of the machine
  • This appliance has comparatively few attachments

4. Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson has some fantastic vacuum cleaners up its sleeve. We had seen the performance of the V11 and V10 motors earlier in this review. This model comes equipped with a V7 engine is capable of delivering a fantastic performance every time.

The Dyson V7 Animal cord-free machine is the ideal one for parents, as it enables them to clean the mess that their children create. The convenient device allows them to juggle with other activities while carrying out the cleaning job.

The powerful suction action of this vacuum cleaner can tackle the minutest of pet hair and dander, thereby preventing any allergic reaction from occurring.

This machine is a convertible vacuum cleaner, whereby you can convert it into a handheld machine and use it for cleaning your car interiors.

This machine is light in weight and has a comfortable centre of gravity. It allows you to reach up to the ceiling and remove the cobwebs with ease. The long handle helps you to clean the floors without bending. The powerful suction picks up the microscopic allergens and dust mites from upholstery and mattresses.

The V7 Dyson motor spins at 110,000 rpm and generates 100AW of powerful suction. This machine comprises of 15 small cyclones to generate powerful g-forces to fling dust into the bin.

The high-class filter can capture up to 99.97% of microscopic dust as small as 0.3 microns.

This vacuum cleaner draws its power from a 6-cell Li-ion battery that gives the machine up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. The cord-free operation makes it one of the most manoeuvrable of devices.

It comes with a convenient docking system that holds additional attachments for charging the appliance. The hygienic dirt ejection system drives out the debris in one shot without soiling your hands in any way.

  • One of the most convenient machines to handle
  • Highly versatile as you switch between a stick vacuum cleaner and a handheld cleaning device
  • Powerful suction to remove the tiniest of dust particles
  • Does not come with many attachments
  • An expensive machine, though highly productive

5. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

This Karcher Wet & Dry multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is perfect for both industrial and domestic use. For its size, the machine is a powerful one as it consumes 1000W to deliver an impeccable performance.

The exteriors of this machine are durable enough to work in the toughest of conditions.

The cartridge filter is strong enough to enable convenient vacuuming of both wet and dry debris with the utmost ease. The device comes with a new suction hose that features innovative clips floor nozzle to ensure optimal dirt pick-up and perfect cleanliness.

The positioning of the device is such that it allows the convenient parking of the suction tube and the floor nozzle during machine interruptions. Overall, the WD 3 vacuum cleaner makes the toughest of cleaning jobs look extremely easy to do.

The machine comes with functions like blower and the Push and Pull locking system to deliver optimum performance.

The best aspect of the vacuum cleaner is that you can do both wet and dry cleaning without changing the filters. The blower function is an excellent one, especially to use on uneven ground like gravel. It is a perfect substitute wherever suction is not possible.

The floor nozzle and suction hose are in perfect alignment to ensure maximum vacuuming convenience and flexibility. The machine comes with a range of nozzles that can be directly attached to the suction hose, thereby making it a versatile tool to use in confined spaces.

  • The blower is a perfect alternative wherever suction is not possible.
  • The practical cable and accessory storage saves a lot of space for the user.
  • The Push cum Pull locking system makes it easy to open and close the container.
  • The ergonomically-shaped handle makes it a convenient device to carry around.
  • The cable length is short, and hence the machine is not manoeuvrable
  • The wheels are not of sturdy material, thereby susceptible to damage easily
  • Servicing the device can be an issue

6. Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX1150W – Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is a trusted name in the vacuum cleaner and water filter manufacturing industry for a long time in India. The earliest vacuum cleaners in India were Eureka Forbes products.

With the entry of brands like Dyson, Eureka Forbes has also improved in the technologies to introduce different types of vacuum cleaners. This Wet & Dry vacuum cleaning machine is one such example.

One of the primary highlights of this machine is the portability and lightweight character. When you add the powerful suction performance, it indeed packs excellent value to the user and makes the house look spic and span.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaning function make this appliance one of the favourites of households having babies.

This vacuum cleaner draws its power from an 800W motor that provides enough suction power to remove embedded dirt from stubborn locations like your sofa upholstery and carpets with ease.

This device comes with an extensive range of accessories to cater to different types of surfaces. Therefore, it proves its versatility.

Babies can spill water, milk, and other liquids all over the place. This vacuum cleaner obviates the need for having two different machines to clean such a mess. Thus, it proves its flexibility in its operations.

The machine is a compact one and occupies as less space as possible. The automatic cord winder feature is a convenient one. It ensures to store the cord in a safe space.

A single touch of a button is enough to retract the cable into the storage space. Extending the wire is also convenient because it does not entangle while retracting.

This vacuum cleaner features specially designed 360-degree swivel wheels that make it an extremely portable device. It offers the highest degree of mobility, an endearing feature of this machine.

The appliance comes with ample storage space of eight litres of wet waste and ten litres to accumulate dust. Thus, you can use the tool on multiple occasions without having to empty the contains frequently.

  • The flexibility and versatility of the machine make it a favourite among Indian households.
  • The portability is an excellent feature.
  • On the performance front, it is as good as the best the industry can offer.
  • Extended tubes and a variety of accessories to cater to all the cleaning needs of the household
  • The machine heats up quickly on usage, thereby making it unsuitable for prolonged use.
  • The wheels need a bit of improvement, as they get stuck up at times.

7. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200W Vacuum Cleaner with reusable dust bag

If the machine discussed above is a wet & dry vacuum cleaner, this one can cater to dry debris alone. Eureka Forbes machines have changed a lot since the time they entered the market. This vacuum cleaner is a compact device that can go on with its job silently without making any fuss.

Some of its fascinating features are the durable and powerful 1200W motor, the swivel wheels, and the full range of cleaning accessories.

The appliance comes equipped with a powerful 1200W suction motor that can suck the dust out of your carpets, upholstery and other places in your house with the greatest of ease.

This machine is a lightweight device that is comfortable to carry along anywhere. It comes with an extendable cord that is flexible enough to reach every corner of your home.

The wide range of cleaning accessories supplied along with this vacuum cleaner makes it one of the complete machines in its segment.

The 3-wheel swivel arrangement makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to switch directions immediately, thereby ensuring a high degree of mobility and convenience. One of the best features of this device is the Dust Bag Full Indicator.

It eliminates the need for opening the bag and checking every time to confirm whether the container is full or not. The indicator helps you to empty the bag on time, thereby ensuring that you do not compromise on the suction power of this vacuum cleaner.

Another positive feature is the automatic power cable winder. The machine comes with a specially designed space for storing the power cord. A touch of a button is enough to send the cord racing into the space provided for it.

Pulling back the cable is an easy task as well because it does not get entangled anywhere while retracting into the machine.

The compact design makes it comfortable to carry along anywhere. Apart from its exquisite appearance, the machine has proved its flexibility and versatility with its high-quality performance.

  • The device is a lightweight one, thereby highly portable
  • It does not occupy much storage space.
  • The flexibility of the cord makes it easy to reach challenging places such as corners and below furniture.
  • Budget wise, one of the most affordable ones in its segment
  • The motor shows a decreased suction power due to prolonged use.
  • The suction pipes are long but not long enough to reach the ceiling of an average Indian home.
  • The machine has sharp edges that can cause injuries if not used carefully.

8. AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner with Power Suction – 1.5L reusable dust bag

This compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner is a canister type machine that is extremely portable. The vacuum cleaner works on a 700W motor that should be enough to cater to the dusting needs of the average Indian household.

The positive aspect of this machine is that it comes with a high-efficiency rating of A that ensures top-quality performance while consuming optimum power.

This vacuum cleaner has been rated in the A-class category for cleaning hard floors and gets a D-rating for cleaning carpets. Thus, it is an ideal machine for homes that do not have mats.

The provision of the HEPA filter is an excellent feature, as it ensures the high-quality of the exhaust air by trapping 99.5% of all pollutants like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

Hence, asthmatic patients can also use this machine without having to worry about getting an asthmatic fit every time you use the appliance.

Some of the control options are innovative. The floor footswitch is one that allows for a seamless transition from carpets and rugs to bare floor surfaces. The vacuum cleaner comes equipped with one fabric dust bag and two paper dust bags initially.

These bags are reusable, whereby you can empty the dust and place it back to improve the suction power.

Another excellent feature is the variable suction option. The control switch allows you to use different levels of suction for varying purposes.

The suction level for hard floors will not be the same when you use it for curtains, drapes, and other delicate surfaces. Therefore, you end up with better overall cleaning performance.

The filter is removable and washable, thereby proving to be a versatile one in many respects. The rewindable cord is a common feature amongst all vacuum cleaners. This appliance possesses it as well.

A wide range of useful accessories is available to cater to different cleaning purposes. The best aspect of it all is that these accessories are compatible with the hose pipe. Thus, you do not have to use special connectors.

  • This machine does not make as much sound as some of the others do.
  • Easy to operate
  • The motor does not get heated up, thereby allowing you to use for prolonged periods
  • Ideal for cleaning car interiors because of the availability of specially designed accessories
  • Suction control option is an excellent one to have.
  • A vital constituent, the dirtbag replacements are not available easily
  • The absence of a blower mechanism is also a negative one

9. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000W Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners have come a long way since their initial products. Today, you have trendy vacuum cleaners in the market that have not only exquisite looks but also display qualitative performance.

This Trendy Zip 1000W vacuum cleaner appeals to the younger generation because of its versatility.

The 1000W suction motor is capable of sucking out the profoundly ingrained dust particles from your sofa upholstery, thereby enhancing the hygiene levels considerably.

The wide range of accessories on offer makes this machine one of the most preferred one of the younger generation Indians. These accessories can cater to all the home cleaning needs of the modern Indian household.

The on-board accessory storage facility ensures that the unit is ready for operation at any time. Hence, removing the hosepipe frequently is not necessary, thereby facilitating an excellent cleaning performance along with organised storage.

An exciting feature is the Dust Bag Full Indicator. This function ensures that you do not have to manually check the position of dust in the bag every time you use it. The indicator glows when the bag becomes full, thereby providing a hygienic experience.

It also ensures that you empty the bag on time to prevent the machine from showing a drop in its suction power.

This machine has a user-friendly design whereby you do not have to bend too much to control it. The strategically placed foot-operated power on/off feature is an exciting one to have.

This appliance is one of the lightest ones around in its category. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere you want.

  • The exquisite design and trendy looks appeal to the tastes of the young generation.
  • The versatility of the machine and the smooth operation are highlighting features, as well.
  • It is a lightweight machine and excellent for dealing with dry dust particles.
  • The machine can get hot quickly, thereby not suitable for prolonged use.
  • Though trendy, it makes a lot of noise when operating at full power.
  • The manufacturer does not provide the user with additional dust bags.
  • The suction force is suitable for carpets but not for hard floors.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are readily available in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose. Usually, they conform to the following types.

  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Convertible Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Let us now discuss the utility of the different types of vacuum cleaners.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

These appliances are handy for use because of their compact size. They are useful wherever space is at a premium, such as the interiors of your car. The handheld machine, being small, is easy to manoeuvre them all around the place.

The other vacuum cleaners like the upright vacuum cleaner or the canister vacuum cleaner are not as useful under these circumstances.

Another advantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that they can also be operated using batteries. Hence, one need not worry about wires dangling all over the place, primarily when you use it to clean your car.

Such appliances come equipped with a disk filter made of cloth or paper to collect the dust particles. Nowadays, you find these cleaners coming with HEPA filters, as well.

What we like about these cleaners

  • Easy to handle and manoeuvre around challenging spaces
  • Incredibly light and thereby highly portable
  • Can work on batteries
  • Budget wise, one of the most economical

What we do not like

  • Limited use, as it cannot take care of heavy-duty cleaning jobs
  • Limited dust storing capacity, hence requires frequent change of filters
  • Does not have as many attachments as a canister vacuum cleaner

Some of the top manufacturers of handheld vacuum cleaners are Eureka Forbes, Panasonic, Black & Decker, and Morphy Richards.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The canister vacuum cleaner is the most commonly used appliance in India. This device is similar to the handheld vacuum cleaner but comes with a longer cord and a cylinder integrated with a motor pump, storage container, and a bag to collect the dust particles.

The cylinder provides the suction power to the appliance. The device comes with a hosepipe that connects to the suction nozzle. Wheels are present on this appliance, thereby making it easy to move all-around your house.

The canister vacuum cleaner is a better appliance when compared to the handheld machine because of its greater versatility. The extendable hosepipe allows you to reach places like the ceiling and lofts in your home.

The flexibility of the appliance ensures that it reaches locations beneath your furniture, as well. This appliance comes with more attachments that allow you to clean your sofa sets, beds, upholstery, and so on. It is also useful for cleaning the interiors of your cars.

The best aspect of the canister vacuum cleaner is that it is an all-purpose vacuum cleaning device. Therefore, most of the households in India prefer to have the canister vacuum cleaner as an integral part of their homes.

The plus points of this appliance

  • Extremely flexible and versatile
  • Extendable hosepipe helps to remove cobwebs from the ceiling
  • Multiple attachments that can take care of delicate items like curtains, computer keyboards, car interiors, and so on
  • Enhanced mobility when compared to other vacuum cleaners

The minuses of the canister vacuum cleaner

  • Can be bulkier than the handheld and upright vacuum cleaners
  • Occupies more space for storage because of the hosepipe attachments
  • The electric cords can entangle and prove uncomfortable to handle at times.

Eureka Forbes, Philips, and LG are some of the best brands manufactured in India. Today, you have a plethora of foreign brands such as Black & Decker, Miele, and other manufacturing canister vacuum cleaners.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Though the canister vacuum cleaner is a versatile appliance, it has its limitations. Apart from being bulky, it can be challenging to clean places such as underneath the stairs or furniture.

A stick vacuum cleaner should prove to be ideal under such circumstances. This appliance comes with a stick-like attachment that dispenses with the use of hosepipes, thereby making it convenient to handle.

Some of the modern stick vacuum cleaners can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner by removing the stick attachment. Thus, this device proves to be an incredibly versatile one to clean your curtains, car interiors, and places that require a high degree of flexibility.

People with back problems benefit a lot as this vacuum cleaner enables cleaning from a standing posture. Some of the latest models come equipped with an in-built battery that enhances the manoeuvrability factor.

Why people prefer this vacuum cleaner type

  • Light in weight, and thereby versatile to use
  • No need to bend when using these appliances
  • Battery operated, hence convenient to use anywhere

The negative aspects of this vacuum cleaner

  • These appliances are not fit for heavy-duty cleaning like carpet cleaning
  • The dust collection bin is a small one
  • The balancing of the weight is not ideal in this appliance

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner is not a standard appliance in India. However, it is prevalent in foreign countries.

The best aspect of this device is that the user does not have to bend when vacuuming. The machine sits upright, thereby making it comfortable to use in the standing posture.

These vacuum cleaners are the best to clean carpeted floors because of their unique design. The suction nozzle is in direct contact with the floor, thereby proving to be the most suitable machine to vacuum clean floors.

Though not very common in India, it is gaining ground considerably.

The highs of the upright vacuum cleaner

  • One of the most accessible and most convenient appliances to use
  • Ideal for heavy cleaning jobs

The lows of this appliance

  • A heavy instrument, hence, not easily portable
  • Not the ideal one to clean underneath the stairs, furniture, sofa sets, and car interiors
  • These cleaners are expensive in comparison to the others

Eureka Forbes manufactures these vacuum cleaners in India. However, many foreign brands are also available in India in this category.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaners are the latest ones available on the market. These disk-shaped or square-shaped devices can move on their own and vacuum the flooring without any human intervention.

These appliances use advanced software systems, whereby users can schedule the cleaning time in advance. The device starts functioning at the stipulated time without any reminders. The machine goes back to the docking station on its own when it goes out of power.

The advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it can reach any part of the house with ease. It is one of the most convenient appliances to clean the floors underneath your furniture like wardrobes and sofa sets.

The benefits of using this vacuum cleaner

  • An automatic vacuum cleaner that does not need human interference
  • Best appliance to clean the floors, especially the hard-to-reach areas like underneath furniture
  • Automatic charging feature where the machine moves to the docking station on its own
  • Facility to set times for vacuum cleaning

The drawbacks of this advanced machine

  • Incapable of vacuuming curtains, upholstery, stairs, and any elevated locations
  • Frequent emptying of the vacuum cleaner bin is necessary

Some of the prominent manufacturers of this robotic vacuum cleaner are iRobot and Milagrow.

Convertible Vacuum Cleaner

The convertible vacuum cleaners are now available in India. Therefore, one should know about this appliance because of its utility factor. These machines can handle multiple tasks.

Your stick vacuum cleaner converts to a handheld vacuum cleaner by removing the stick. Similarly, an upright vacuum cleaner can transform into a canister or a handheld vacuum cleaner with ease. Therefore, you end up multitasking with this device.

The vacuum cleaner market is picking up in India today with the younger generation preferring to use automation instead of the traditional broom and mops. Therefore, it will not be long before the convertible vacuum cleaner stabilises in the Indian market.

Why you should opt for this device

  • These are the most convenient of all vacuum cleaners because of their versatility.
    Capable of doing a complete job
  • Multitasking possible

The limitations of this appliance

  • Not available in India at present
  • Can be expensive in comparison

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Usually, people use vacuum cleaners to remove dry dirt. They prefer to use the mop for cleaning liquid debris. The vacuum cleaners discussed above are also incapable of dealing with wet waste.

You need a unique machine, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners to handle such tasks. These machines come with a potent suction mechanism that can suck up wet debris with ease. At the same time, these appliances can do regular vacuuming jobs, as well.

Due to the nature of the job, these vacuum cleaners have more industrial utility rather than domestic utility. However, one can use these vacuum cleaners at home, as well.

They are ideal when it comes to mopping up the mess created by children.

Why it is an excellent appliance to have

  • Clean wet and dry floors with equal ease
  • Most versatile for industrial use

The challenges in using this appliance

  • These machines are comparatively bulkier than the household vacuum cleaners
  • Budget can be a constraint

Which type of vacuum cleaners suits you the best?

We have discussed various types of vacuum cleaners in the above paragraphs. Your choice of the vacuum cleaner depends on the usage. Every vacuum cleaner has its speciality.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning sofa sets, car interiors, computer and laptop keyboards, curtains, cupboards, and so on.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

It is an all-purpose vacuum cleaner because of its multiple attachments. You can use it to clean almost anything in the house, including carpets, sofa sets, beds, flooring, and ceilings.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best for use in cleaning floors, especially carpeted floors

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Flooring, stairs, ceilings, and other moderate cleaning activities

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Only floors with carpets

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Best for industrial use where there is spillage of liquid along with solids

Vacuum cleaners come with various features. You should be aware of them before you decide the right one for your home.

Vacuum Cleaner with Bags for dirt collection

Dust collection is a crucial part of any vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners in the olden days used to come with bags strategically placed inside the machine for collecting the dirt.

Such appliances are available today, as well. However, the bags have changed. Today you have two types of vacuum cleaner bags, the reusable, and the disposable containers.

As the name suggests, the reusable bags can be used repeatedly after emptying the dust in the bin. Usually, the reusable bags are washable, as well.

Therefore, it is ideal that you wash the bag before reusing it. It enables us to clean the minute pores, thereby avoiding the clogging of dirt.

The advantage of these reusable bags is that you can use them multiple times. However, it is advisable to replace these bags once in a year, depending on your usage.

The disposable bags are, by nature, the use and throw ones. Therefore, you have to discard the packets after the bags are full.

You need to purchase new ones to replace the existing disposable bags. An advantage of using disposable bags is that you do not have to empty them and wash them frequently.

It reduces your exposure to dust. Asthma and dust-allergy patients benefit a lot by using these disposable bags.

When choosing the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home, you should factor in this aspect.

The reusable and disposable bags are additional expenditure items. It is better to check out the prices of these bags before you select the bagged vacuum cleaner.

The positive aspects of bagged vacuum cleaners

  • Disposable bags are useful as you do not have to handle the dust, thereby providing relief to asthma and allergic patients
  • The highlight of the bagged vacuum cleaners is that they provide better filtration. Today,
  • you have vacuum cleaners that come with HEPA filters to ensure a high level of cleaning.

The negative aspects of bagged vacuum cleaners

  • The overhead expenses can rise because you would need investing in these disposable and reusable bags frequently.
  • Finding disposable bags in the Indian vacuum cleaner market scene can be a challenge.
  • As the bags keep filling up with dust, the suction power of the machine reduces considerably.
  • Considering the disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaners, you can opt for the bagless vacuum cleaners.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners come with plastic containers in the place of the reusable and disposable bags for collection of dust.

These containers are usually transparent to make it easy for you to know when to empty the same.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are of two types, one with the filtered kind and the other, the cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners. Note that the cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners are now available in India.

These machines use a cyclonic action to separate the dust particles from the air while pushing back the fresh air into the room.

The filtered bagless vacuum cleaners come equipped with HEPA filters (or alternatives) to trap the dust so that the fresh air gets pushed back into the room.

Why bagless vacuum cleaners are beneficial

  • There is no necessity for investing in reusable or disposable bags.
  • The machine does not lose its suction power, thereby maintaining its high level of efficiency all the time.
  • The transparent cylinder makes it easy to know when to empty it. Secondly, it can also help you to locate any accidental suction of valuable items like gold rings, and so on.

What can be the deterrents in using bagless vacuum cleaners

  • Though you do not incur any expense in purchasing bags, you do have to spend on replacing the filters annually. It can also be an expensive affair with HEPA filters being costly.
  • Dust is bound to fly when you empty the container. Asthmatic patients can experience discomfort under such circumstances.

Vacuum Cleaner Filters

The vacuum cleaner filter plays a vital role in the functioning of the machine. As the appliance sucks the dust, it releases the air back into the environment as an exhaust.

The filters help in trapping the dirt, thereby ensuring to exhaust pure air into the room.

Various types of vacuum cleaner filters are available in the market. The cost of the machine depends on the kind of filter it uses.

HEPA FilterActivated Carbon FiltersFoam FiltersCloth filterDisk Filter

HEPA filters are one of the best in the business when it comes to purifying the air. The best air purifiers in the world use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.

This filter can remove dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. As it ensures to trap 99.999% of dust inside, the screen provides the passage of pure air through the exhaust.

Asthmatic patients should ensure to purchase a vacuum cleaner having HEPA filter. This filter has a disadvantage in the sense that it cannot remove bad odour. Otherwise, it is the best product available.

HEPA filters cannot remove bad odour. The activated carbon filters can act as excellent secondary optional filters to ensure the elimination of bad smells from the air. These filters also come with scented cartridge filters to refresh the air that comes out of the machine.

Foam filters also serve as ideal secondary filters by blocking dust particles and releasing fresh air back into the house.

The advantage of foam filters is that they are washable. Usually, vacuum cleaner manufacturers use Microfresh Combo with foam filters. It is a non-hazardous chemical that prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria.

The cloth filter is an additional apparatus in the vacuum cleaner. It protects the HEPA filter from clogging by trapping the large particles and reducing the load on the HEPA filters.

Thus, it enhances the lifespan of the expensive HEPA filters. The cloth filters are washable and reusable. They do not need replacements unless torn.

These filters are available in handheld vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, and the robotic vacuum cleaners. They are made from cloth or paper and resemble the tea or coffee filters that you have at home.

Vacuum Cleaner Pricing

The price of a vacuum cleaner depends on the type of appliance you choose. The handheld appliances are the cheapest. They come in a price band of Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000.

The canister and stick vacuum cleaners are comparatively expensive, as these appliances are available in the pricing range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. The upright vacuum cleaner is an excellent device to have at home.

However, they are expensive and come in the price range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. The robotic vacuum cleaners are the most costly of the lot. They are available between Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000.

Noise Levels

Vacuum cleaners can make noise. It depends on the suction power and the engine. However, the sound does not determine the efficiency of the appliance. Vacuum cleaners making less noise can be highly efficient, as well.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Today, you have vacuum cleaners that work on batteries. These cordless appliances are the best because of their easy manoeuvrability. Wires can prove to be a significant hindrance while restricting the mobility of the machines at the same time.

Availability of spare parts

Vacuum cleaner spare parts are readily available. Usually, the only items you would end up frequently buying are the bags, reusable and disposable. Go through the reviews and ratings on to know whether spare parts are readily available for the particular machine.


The maintenance of the vacuum cleaner depends on the usage. The parts that require regular maintenance are the HEPA filters and the dust collection bins present in bagless vacuum cleaners.

Types of vacuum cleaners depending on the utility

Vacuum cleaners can remove all kinds of dust from the environment. However, one should always select vacuum cleaners wisely by considering the utility factor.

Vacuum Cleaners for Asthma patients

Dust is the most dangerous enemy for asthma patients. Vacuum cleaners can play a vital role in eliminating dust from the house surroundings, thereby providing relief to asthma patients. They should consider the following when choosing the ideal machine for their homes.

HEPA filters can remove 99.999% of dust particles. Therefore, one should ensure that the vacuum cleaner should have a HEPA filter.

Asthma patients should avoid purchasing bagless vacuum cleaners. The chances of suffering an asthmatic fit increase when emptying the container.

Similarly, they should also not opt for the reusable bags in the bagged vacuum cleaners. Appliances with disposable bags are the best ones. However, it is always advisable to ensure that a family member, not having asthma deal with replacing the bags.

Vacuum Cleaners for pet dander and hair

Pets are lovable, but they can make a mess as well. Pet hair and dander can be dangerous pollutants. Secondly, the chaos that pets make can have an unpleasant smell and contaminate the air all around.

You will need a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to take care of the unpleasant odours.

Vacuum cleaner for your cars and furniture upholstery

Your car upholstery and interiors can be complicated places to vacuum clean because they are uncomfortable areas for the appliance to access.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is the best appliance for you under such circumstances. These cleaners can be operated using batteries, as well. Therefore, you do not have wires dangling all over the place.

Similarly, the canister vacuum cleaner is the best bet to clean your sofa sets. These vacuum cleaners come with multiple attachments that can penetrate the sofa upholstery crevices and remove dust sticking to the fibres.

What are the leading brands of vacuum cleaners available in India?

Some of the excellent brands of vacuum cleaners available in India are Dyson, Philips, Karcher, Eureka Forbes and Amazon Basics.

Final thoughts

The vacuum cleaner has today become an indispensable part of every Indian household.

The modern Indian homemaker has to balance various responsibilities on her slender shoulders. These vacuum cleaners can reduce her load considerably.

The ease of operation of these vacuum cleaners also encourages the male members in the house to chip in with their contributions to help the homemaker maintain the highest levels of hygiene in her home.

This buying guide should put all doubts to rest as to which vacuum cleaner you should go for when you decide to have one for your house.

Here's wishing every one of you a happy and hygienic vacuum cleaning experience with the best vacuum cleaners available in India in 2020.


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