A couple of days back, I was watching a famous Hindi film. The professor asks the students to define a machine.

The hero gets up and says, ‘Anything that makes it easy for humans, is a machine.’ The explanation appears simple, but it packs a powerful punch.


I remember these words whenever I use my washing machine to wash my household clothes.

I must confess that I have not seen a modern house today that does not have a washing machine.

We shall now discuss some of the best washing machines available in India in 2020.

We Highly recommend you to read the Washing Machine Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Washing Machine technologies.


Best Washing Machines in India

1. Bosch 7Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAK24168IN

Bosch is one of the reputed international brands of washing machines that has a tremendous Indian market. German technology is visible in every act of this washing machine as it makes the job of the homemaker easy. The prominent features of this Bosch washing machine are,

  • Fully-automatic and front-loading washing machine
  • The capacity of 7Kg makes it ideal for a family of 3 to 4 members
  • Spin speed – 1200 rpm
  • Other features include Variodrum, LED Display, multiple water protection, foam detection, and unbalanced load detection systems
  • Two years warranty on the product with a 10-year warranty on the motor

The homemaker can trust Bosch washing machines with their excellent features to protect their new and expensive clothes from damage.

The device features an EcoSilence Drive Motor that makes the minimum noise up to 49 decibels. The Anti-vibration design ensures greater stability by reducing vibrations.

The Bosch washing machine comes with Variodrum technology that is designed to protect your fabrics while being tough on stains. ActiveWater technology consists of multiple load sensors that save water by sensing the weight of the laundry and type of material.

The SpeedPerfect Mode reduces washing times by nearly 65% without compromising on the quality of the wash. The in-built heater enables you to give a hot water wash to your clothes.

One of the positive aspects of the Bosch washing machine is the space inside the drum that allows better movement of the laundry. Cleaning the drum is also easy, as the Drum Clean feature ensures to remove lint and toxic residue to sanitise the drum correctly.

This washing machine features a Reload function that enables you to add clothes early in the cycle by opening the door.

The machine can work on water pressure as low as 0.3 bar, thereby making it an ideal device to work in high rise buildings, as well. The appliance comes with a free water filter that can fit into various tap designs.

Other notable features include Child Lock to enable you to lock all functions and prevent them from any tampering. The Volt Check feature ensures that the washing machine resumes working from the same position after a power failure.

  • Capable of working with low water input pressure
  • Noiseless and vibration-free performance
  • Saves time, and thereby power
  • Easy to clean the drum and other parts of the machine
  • Best washing machine under 30,000
  • The device is a heavy one, and hence not easily movable
  • It can get heated up when running at the top speed of 1200 rpm

2. IFB 8Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Senator Aqua SX

IFB is also one of the leading manufacturers of fully automatic front-loading washing machines in India. Performance-wise, these machines are as good as the Bosch washing machines in almost all respects. The excellent features of this IFB washing machine make it one of the best front-load washing machines in India in 2020.

  • Fully automatic and front-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 8 Kg makes it ideal for Indian families with 4 to 5 members
  • A high spin speed of 1400 rpm
  • Four years warranty on the product and the motor
  • Various wash programs available for efficient performance

The highlight of the IFB washing machine is the Air Bubble Wash feature that ensures the formation of millions of air bubbles to penetrate deep into the fabric structure and remove the stubborn dirt.

This washing machine features an innovative arrangement, Aqua Energie. It is a filter treatment that dissolves detergents better to give a softer wash.

This washing machine has the 3D wash system, a dynamic one that soaks your clothes thoroughly to ensure complete removal of all kinds of dirt.

Washing your delicate clothes like your Kanjeevaram silk sarees is a treat on this machine, as it protects the delicate fibres while giving the garment a sparkling wash.

The washing drum comes with crescent moon-shaped grooves that provide a gentle cushion for your fabrics while being tough on the stains at the same time.

The Ball Valve Technology prevents wastage of detergent powder, as it helps keep it in, thereby enhancing the washing quality.

The user-friendly LCD display enables you to select your wash cycles and timing correctly.

The time-delay feature is a good one, as it helps schedule your wash cycle by delaying it from 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours. The washing machine has a provision of adding clothes after the commencement of the wash cycle.

The Auto Balance system detects unbalanced clothes automatically and redistributes them to maintain a consistent wash.

This washing machine comes with excellent safety features like voltage protection and child lock. Your children will not be able to change the settings after you fix them. The voltage protection feature ensures to protect your appliance from high voltage fluctuations.

  • An excellent capacity that allows washing a large load at one go
  • High spin speed drier clothes
  • Easy to operate control options
  • In-built heater for enabling a hot water wash
  • Does not fit all tap sizes

3. LG 8.0Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine FH2G6TDNL42

Home appliances and LG go hand in hand. Indian homemakers trust LG more than any other product because of the excellent combination of outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal. This LG fully automatic front-loading washing machine is one of the best washing machines in India today.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 8Kg makes it ideal for a standard Indian family
  • The high spin speed of 1200rpm enhances the quality of the wash
  • Excellent features like Optimal Wash, 6-Motion DD and Inverter Motor
  • Two years warranty on the product

LG washing machines are complete in all respects. This model comes with a high-quality 6-motion Direct Drive motor to reduce vibration and noise.

The inverter motor system saves energy, as well. Another advantage of the 6-motion DD technology is that it enables the movement of the wash drum in multiple directions to provide a high-quality washing experience.

The in-built water heater can heat the water up to 950C to help you to eliminate the most stubborn stains with ease. Secondly, this heating feature eliminates the germs and bacteria to give an allergen-free wash to your clothes.

It also ensures that your clothes do not have any soap residue on them. The Auto Restart option is an excellent one because it saves time. You do not have to worry about restarting the machine after a power cut.

This feature ensures that the device restarts from where it left off during the power cut.

The stainless-steel drum is a long-lasting one because it is rust-proof and does not provide any space for the breeding of germs and bacteria. Operating this washing machine is simple because of the waterproof touch panel. There is no problem, even if you do not wipe your hands before operating the controls.

Cleaning the wash drum is also convenient, as the tub cleaning feature ensures heating of water up to 850C to remove dirt and water stains.

The SmartThinQ app can connect to the washing machine and detect up to 86 errors. Thus, you save time and money in case the machine develops any mechanical or electrical problem. The Child Lock feature enables you to disable the control panel, thereby ensuring that your child does not fiddle with the controls.

  • Adequate capacity to cater to large loads
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Hot water wash to remove germs and bacteria
  • Inverter motor helps in conserving energy
  • Slightly on the expensive side, but excellent discounts are available on Amazon

4. IFB 6Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Diva Aqua SX

IFB washing machines come in various sizes and capacities. This 6Kg washing machine should prove ideal for small families. This washing machine comes with features similar to that of the one discussed earlier. Here are the excellent options available that ensure a convenient washing experience.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6Kg makes it best for couples and single-person households
  • The spin speed of 800rpm is a good one
  • 15 wash programs make it a versatile machine
  • 4-year warranty on the product and motor

The IFB washing machine discussed earlier is a bigger machine with more advanced features. However, this appliance is also one of the best front-loading washing machines in its segment.

It features a 2D washing system to ensure adequate soaking before delivering an excellent washing experience.

The Aqua Energie feature enables the detergents to dissolve better in the water, thereby reducing the formation of soap residue on the clothes considerably. It also results in a comparatively softer wash.

This washing machine also comes with Ball Valve technology that prevents unnecessary draining of detergent. Thus it helps in enhancing the quality of the wash.

The washing drum comes with crescent-shaped grooves to ensure a gentle wash for the clothes and prevent damage. At the same time, it acts tough on the stains by eliminating them. The inbuilt heater system allows for a more hygienic wash.

Adding the clothes after the commencement of a wash cycle is always an issue with the front-loading washing machines. This IFB appliance comes with an Add Laundry feature that allows opening the door and adding fresh laundry in the early stages of the wash cycle.

This washing machine features an Auto Balance System to balance your clothes properly. This system senses unbalanced clothes and redistributes them to provide a stable and consistent wash.

Another quality of IFB that attracts homemakers is the extensive service network of the company. Help is always near at hand whenever you experience any issue with the device. This appliance comes with a 4-year warranty on the product and the motor.

  • Excellent performance
  • Water softening device available to enable better dissolution of the detergents
  • Inbuilt heater to ensure better cleaning
  • Aesthetic looks
  • An issue with the fitting, as it does not fit all tap sizes
  • Needs an adapter arrangement

5. LG 6 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front-loading washing machine – FH0FANDNL02.ABWPEPL

LG has a fantastic reputation to maintain as a manufacturer of some of the best front-loading washing machines in India. Homemakers prefer LG because of its excellent performance. The LG washing machines are available in various sizes. This washing machine model comes with the following attractive features.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6 Kg makes it an ideal one to have for small families and single bachelors
  • A good spin speed of 1000 rpm ensures better drying
  • Excellent features like Direct Drive technology, inbuilt heater, and multiple wash cycles
  • Two-year warranty on the product with a 10-year warranty on the motor

LG front-load washing machines come with inverter motor and Direct Drive technology that eliminates the use of belts and pulleys. Therefore, it reduces the noise and vibrations considerably while extending the lifespan of the appliance.

The 6-motion DD technology enables the drum to spin in multiple directions to provide a high-quality washing experience to your clothes. The presence of the inbuilt heater system allows heating water up to 600C to remove almost all stains from your clothes.

Heating the water is beneficial because you get a hygienic wash leaving your clothes allergen-free.

This machine features a stainless-steel drum that does not corrode or rust. Hence, you have a long-lasting product on hand. Plastic drums tend to attract germs whereas steel drums do not encourage the settling of viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning the tub is also easy because the heater system ensures to heat the water up to 850C. The high RPM speed and hot water ensures perfect cleaning of the drum. The waterproof control panel is a seamless design that allows you to operate the controls without wiping your hands.

This appliance is a safe one because it comes with Child Lock features to disable the settings and prevent the children from tampering with the same. The Auto Restart option is an excellent one as it resumes the washing cycle from where it left off during the power outage.

Diagnosing any problem with the device is easy with the help of SmartThinQ app. You can operate the machine using your smartphone to detect nearly 86 errors, thereby saving time and money.

  • SmartThinQ app feature saves time and money
  • Multiple wash options to ensure high quality
  • Excellent features time delay start, and Child lock
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Water softener feature is not available

6. Samsung 6.5Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WW65M206L0W/TL

Samsung is another reputed manufacturer of consumer appliances in India. This washing machine is one of the stand-out devices from Samsung. Its excellent features ensure that this washing machine is the best washing machine under Rs 30,000.

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6.5Kg that is suitable for small families
  • A high spin speed of 1000rpm
  • Excellent features like Diamond Drum and innovative touch panel
  • Three years warranty on the product

Samsung washing machines come with digital inverter motor to deliver a high degree of efficiency. The company advertises an exceptionally long-lasting performance for up to 20 years.

It comes with several exciting features to qualify as one of the best front-loading washing machines in India.

The washing machine comes with an inbuilt heater that ensures heating the water before commencing the wash cycle. It not only quickens the process but also ensures the elimination of germs and bacteria from your clothes.

The ceramic heater present in this washing machine does not encourage build-up of calcium. Thus, it is a good washing machine to work with hard water. The absence of calcium build-up improves efficiency, thereby saving energy and cost.

The washing drum comes with diamond-shaped grooves to make it gentle on your clothes while acting tough on stains at the same time. It also prevents the trapping and damaging of your delicate garments.

The Silver Wash program ensures complete elimination of bacteria and germs from the costumes to deliver an allergen-free experience.

This washing machine features a Quick Wash program that lets you wash soiled clothes effectively and quickly, thereby proving helpful when you have a shortage of time on your hands.

Samsung’s Volt Control technology can help you avoid damage to your machines caused by voltage fluctuations. This machine can withstand voltage fluctuations up to 25%, whereby it shuts off automatically if there is a higher level of deviation. The device restarts automatically after the stabilisation of the voltage.

  • Inverter motor saves time, energy, and money
  • Diamond drum provides a gentle wash
  • Quick wash program to save time
  • High-quality performance
  • Has issues when the water pressure is low

7.  LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T7581NDDLG.ASFPEIL

From front-loading washing machines, we shall move on to top-loading washing machines. LG is one of the prominent manufacturers of the top-loading washing machines in India. Indian homemakers prefer to opt for the fully automatic top-loading washing machines for obvious reasons. This washing machine thus ranks as one of the best top loading washing machines in India.

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6.5 Kg ensures it is suitable for small families
  • Good speed of 700rpm
  • Smart Inverter technology
  • Two years warranty on the product with ten years for the motor

LG believes in innovation. Thus, you find this top-loading washing machine coming with innovative features like Smart Inverter technology that can adjust the energy consumption at the optimum level in accordance with the necessary power.

This LG washing machine comes with BMC Motor Protection against dust, insects, and humidity.

The Turbo Drum rotates in a direction opposite to that of the pulsator to ensure the removal of the toughest dirt stains.

The washing machine features Punch+ 3 technology where it generates water streams in a vertical direction to mix with the laundry and deliver a uniform washing result.

LG washing machines can be termed as smart because the SmartThinQ app helps you to identify any problem with the device, thereby saving time and money. The door does not bang down with full force and hurt the fingers but takes its time to fit snugly.

As this washing machine comes with a stainless-steel drum, there is no question of accumulation of bacteria or germs. Steel does not rust, as well.

Hence, you have a long-lasting product on hand. The Tub Clean feature ensures to sterilise the inner as well as the outer tub.

Another highlight is the Auto Restart feature that ensures you do not waste time. The machine restarts from the same cycle where it stopped during any power cut. The Child Lock settings enable you to disable the control panel and prevent any tampering.

  • Inverter motor to save power and reduce noise
  • Smooth handling
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Does not have a hot water washing option

8. IFB 6.5 Kg Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine TL-RDW 6.5 Kg Aqua

Usually, you find IFB washing machines with front-loading types alone. However, sensing the popularity of the top-loading washing machines in India, IFB has also come up with a couple of excellent top-loading washing machine options. This appliance should qualify as one of the best washing machines under Rs 20,000.

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • A capacity of 6.5 Kg to cater to small families of 3 to 4 persons
  • A high rotating speed of 720rpm
  • Eight water levels
  • Four years warranty

The highlight of this IFB top loading fully automatic washing machine is that it comes with eight water levels, thereby making it easy for the user. The device comes with a large LED display that also enhances its appearance.

The Deep Clean feature provides a magical experience by acting tough on stains and gentle on fabrics. It is accompanied by a Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine to bring a sparkle to your clothes.

Aqua Spa therapy helps to hydrate, exfoliate, cleanse, and rejuvenate your clothes and make them look fresh after every wash.

IFB washing machines come with Aqua Energie feature, a water softening arrangement that helps detergents to dissolve quickly and give your clothes a softer wash.

The 3D wash system available in this machine soaks your clothes thoroughly before delivering an excellent washing performance.

The Triadic Pulsator lets out powerful squirts of water to remove dirt gently from every corner of the fabric whereas the centre punch action pushes the dirt out from the clothes.

The washing drum comes with crescent moon-shaped grooves to provide the gentle cushioning effect to your clothes.

The Bleach dispenser arrangement is a unique hands-free solution to add liquid bleach at the time of washing. This machine comes with a compartment where you can add the softener before the wash to ensure that your clothes remain fresh and soft.

The Auto Balance System balances the unbalanced clothes and redistributes them to provide a consistent washing experience.

The High Low Voltage Protection feature protects the machine from extreme voltage fluctuations. One of the most useful features is the bubble leveller that balances the machine while reducing the vibration effect. Thus, it extends the life span of the appliance.

It is an environmentally friendly machine by reusing the last rinse water for soaking clothes the next time you use the device.

  • Excellent performance with the least amount of noise
  • Takes care of your clothes by maintaining its softness and freshness
  • Hard water processing feature enables easy dissolution of detergents
  • Environmentally friendly appliance
  • No provision for hot water wash
  • Does not have Inverter motor technology

9. Whirlpool 7 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – White magic Elite 7.0

Whirlpool is one of the most popular washing machine brands when it comes to top loading fully automatic machines and semi-automatic machines. Smart sensors in the device enable it to save power while ensuring high-quality performance. This Whirlpool washing machine is one of the best top loading washing machines under Rs 20000.

  • Fully automatic top loading washing
  • A capacity of 7 Kg is ideal for the Indian family of four persons
  • Stainless-steel SPA Drum
  • The good rotational speed of 740rpm
  • 12 wash programs
  • Two years warranty on product and 10 years on the motor

Whirlpool Whitemagic Elite comes with an innovative 6th sense technology to provide one of the best washing experiences you will ever get. The best aspect of this machine is that it performs exceedingly well even with hard water.

The Spa Wash system has a unique prime move and drum combination to deliver the perfect wash with 40% fewer tangles. This system works even when the water pressure is low by using ZPT technology and filling the drum 50% faster.

The Dynamix technology at work ensures zero detergent residue. Thus, your coloured clothes do not end up with soap residue in the form of white powder on them.

This washing machine comes with an Express Wash Mode that reduces the time taken to wash soiled clothes, thereby saving precious time and use of detergents. The presence of a Smart Lint Filter collects the lint and does not allow it to clog the drains.

Smart sensors indicate low voltage and water pressure conditions. The machine comes with intelligent detergent sensors to sense the load and recommend the optimum detergent usage.

The machine comes with the legendary 123 Wash and Power Scrub to eliminate dirt completely. The control panel is situated at a convenient angle that allows you to operate it efficiently.

The Zero Pressure fill technology allows filling up the washing drum with water even when the water pressure is low.

Other exciting features include Delay Wash, Auto Tub Clean, Aqua Store, and Tempered Glass for the door. The Child Lock is an excellent safety feature whereby your children cannot tamper with the machine settings.

  • 6th sense technology to ensure high-quality performance
  • Does not leave any detergent residue
  • Smart sensors to indicate low voltage
  • Excellent safety features
  • No hot water washing feature
  • Inverter motor is not available

10. Samsung 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine WT725QPNDMPXTL

From the fully automatic washing machines, we move on to the semi-automatic washing machines. These machines have a good market, as well. First-time users of washing machines should always learn the ropes on a semi-automatic washing machine. Samsung washing machines are some of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • A capacity of 7.2 Kg should serve an ideal Indian family of four members.
  • The fantastic spin speed of 1000rpm
  • Multiple wash features to deliver excellent performance
  • Two years warranty on the product with the motor getting a 5-year warranty

Semi-automatic machines have their benefits. This washing machine comes with an Air Turbo Drying system that dries your clothes as you spin them in the rinse tub.

The EZ wash tray serves as a multi-utility tray. One useful feature of the tray is that you can use it as a scrub board to remove stubborn dirt from collars and cuff links. One can also use the tray to close the spin tub.

This washing machine comes with a rust-proof plastic body. It is one of the most convenient machines to move around the house. The washtub comes with an inbuilt scrub board that allows gentle scrubbing of the clothes without disturbing the washing cycle.

The Air Turbo Drying system lets out a powerful blast of air as the spin tub rotates, thereby reducing the drying time for your clothes.

The lint filter catches the lint and foreign substances from your fabrics to ensure a clean wash. The sleek design and attractive colours make it one of the favourite washing machines of the Indian homemaker.

The anti-corrosive plastic body ensures long life to the device.

The machine comes with convenience features like a buzzer to inform you when the washing is over. It also features a 2-way inner handle making it easy for you to move the machine around the place.

  • Worth every rupee you spend on it
  • Excellent performance for a semi-automatic machine
  • Lint filter and scrub pads are excellent additions
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Plastic body can encourage the accumulation of moulds if you do not maintain the appliance properly

11. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – Ace Supreme Plus 7.2

Whirlpool is a leading manufacturer of semi-automatic washing machines in India. It has some of the best products that deliver excellent washing experiences by making it extremely easy for the Indian homemaker. This washing machine comes with several attractive but useful features.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • A capacity of 7.2 Kg should be ideal for small Indian families
  • Wash Station feature to sort and stack your clothes
  • Impeller function to remove stubborn dirt
  • 2-year warranty on the product while the motor comes with a 5-year warranty

Whirlpool ACE Supreme Plus washing machine comes with unique features like Wash Station. This arrangement enables the user to sort and stack the clothes and allows them to carry the laundry, as well.

This washing machine comes equipped with a lint filter to collect lint and other foreign particles from your fabrics, thereby enabling your clothes to come out clean every time.

This washing machine works on an impeller that provides perfect motion for the clothes to remove dirt effectively. The advantage of the impeller is that it ensures your clothes get gentle treatment while acting tough on the dirt, at the same time.

The multi-utility tray comes with specially designed holes or vents that enable the water to flow back into the washtub. This washing machine comes with an inbuilt scrubber that works in perfect consonance with the washtub.

The scrubber ensures to remove dirt when the clothes brush against it during the wash cycle.

Whirlpool endeavours to make things easy for the homemaker. This washing machine is a light one that makes it easy for the user to push around from one place to another.

It comes with a perfectly-placed drain hose to ensure that the wastewater drains out entirely from the machine.

In short, this washing machine qualifies as the best washing machine under Rs 10,000 in India.

  • Great looks complemented by excellent performance
  • Impeller enables gentle washing to take care of your fabrics
  • Lint filter to collect unwanted lint and fibres that can go on to clog the drains
  • Wash Station facility to place your clothes
  • The machine tends to wobble at the time of the spin cycle

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Before we go into the actual buying guide, we shall clear out some jargons that washing machine manufacturers always use to confuse people.

You cannot blame the manufacturers in any way. It is an age-old marketing trick.

If you cannot convince the buyer into buying your product, confuse him/her.”

Don’t worry, we are here to dispel all these doubts and put the confusion to rest.

Fully Automatic Machines Vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Washing machines come in two modes, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Let us now discuss both these modes separately before comparing them.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

A semi-automatic washing machine comprises of two tubs, a washtub and a rinse tub, also known as the spin tub.

As the name suggests, the washtub is used for washing your clothes, whereas the rinse tub serves the purpose of rinsing the washed clothes. The mechanism is simple.

You put your clothes into the washtub. Since it is a semi-automatic washing machine, you have to add the water and detergent manually. There are no options for supplying water automatically to the device.

Select the wash cycle depending on your requirements. Soiled clothes require a heavy wash, whereas regular clothes can do with a simple wash cycle.

On the completion of the wash cycle, you have to select the drain mode to drain the dirty water out of the machine.

Manually transfer the clothes from the washtub into the spin tub. As you operate the spin cycle, the rinsing of the clothes takes place to remove the excess detergent from the clothes.

Finally, you remove the rinsed clothes from the machine and hang it out to dry.

Advantages of a semi-automatic washing machine

  • Though there is some manual labour involved, the semi-automatic washing machine does make your job simpler than before.
  • The semi-automatic washing machines use less water when compared to a fully automatic machine, thereby helping you to conserve water.
  • As you add water to the machine, you have the option to add warm water. All the fully automatic washing machines do not come with a hot water washing option.
  • The semi-automatic washing machine consumes less power because of the faster washing and rinsing cycle. Therefore, you save time, as well.
  • Finally, the semi-automatic washing machines cost considerably less than the fully automatic counterparts.

Disadvantages of a semi-automatic washing machine

  • There is some amount of manual labour involved such as filling the washtub with water and transferring clothes from the washtub to the spin tub after the completion of the washing cycle.
  • The semi-automatic washing machines are simple appliances that do not come with advanced features, usually available on fully automatic washing machines.
  • The spin tub rinses the clothes but does not dry them. Some of the fully automatic washing machines have drying arrangements, as well.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

The very name suggests that the washing mechanism is fully automatic in these machines.

Using these machines is easy. You do not have to do much work except set the timer and other washing controls depending on the extent of soiling, nature of clothes, and the type of wash you need.

The only manual job is to add the clothes into the machine and add the detergent.

On setting the timings and controls, the device works automatically to set the water levels accordingly.

It proceeds to complete the washing cycle and drains the water on its own.

The spinning cycle commences automatically after the draining is over. At the end of the operation, you get thoroughly clean semi-dry clothes that you have to remove manually. It does save a lot of labour for the homemaker.

Benefits of a Fully Automatic Washing machine

  • There is a minimal amount of manual labour involved in the washing procedure in the fully automatic washing machine.
  • These appliances come with various advanced features like Steam Wash, Inverter Direct Drive technology, Turbo Drum, Auto Pre-Wash options, and Turbo Wash options, among many others. We shall discuss these aspects later on in this article.
  • Some of the latest automatic washing machines come with NFC compatibility, thereby enabling you to control the device using apps like Alexa and so on.

Drawbacks of a Fully Automatic Washing machine

  • The controls are automatic. Hence, there is not much one can do about controlling water usage. These machines consume more water than semi-automatic washing machines.
  • Secondly, these machines require optimum water pressure to work efficiently.
  • The cost factor is a crucial one. Fully automatic washing machines are more expensive when compared to the semi-automatic ones.
  • Fully automatic washing machines consume more energy. They are also heavier in comparison.
Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Fully Automatic Washing Machines
More manual labour Less labour and more of automation
Cheaper in comparison Comparatively expensive
Saves water and electricity Consumes more water and power
Does not have many options Comes with various options

There are generally, two types of fully automatic washing machines, the front-loading washing machines, and the top-loading washing machines.

Front-Loading Washing machines Vs Top Loading Washing machines

People in India are used to using semi-automatic washing machines. Hence, they naturally graduate to top-loading washing machines.

However, users abroad prefer front-loading washing machines to top-loading ones. Both these categories of fully automatic washing machines have their merits and demerits.

Compared to the top-loading machines, the front-loaders save water. One can say that the front-loading devices consume half the quantity of water that top-loading machines do.

Clothes are lighter than water when they are dry. Therefore, they tend to float on water.

Hence, you need more water to soak and drown them completely. On the other hand, a front-loading machine works with a tumbling action, thereby ensuring that clothes need less water to soak.

Thus, the front-loading devices have longer time cycles when compared to top loaders.

In countries abroad, people prefer to use a hot water wash. The advantage of the fully automatic washing machine is that the latest ones come with a hot water wash option.

The front-loading washing machine uses less water and hence takes less time to heat it as well. Therefore, the front-loading machines consume less power in comparison with the top-loading washing machines.

As the front-loading machine uses less water, the device has a shorter drying cycle, thereby ensuring to save electricity.

The situation is different in India. In our country, people still use cold water to wash their clothes. Under such circumstances, there is a considerable saving in electricity.

Besides, Indians do not use the drying cycle as much as their foreign counterparts do. Therefore, the top-loading machines in India consume less power when compared to front-loaders.

Compared to the front loaders, the top-loading machines do a better cleaning job. The top-loading washing machines save space because the door is located on the top of the machine.

In a front loader, you need a lot of space in front of the machine to open the door.
When you compare the prices of a front-loading and top-loading machine, the front loader is more expensive.

This table will highlight the difference between the front-loading and top-loading washing machines in a nutshell.

Front-loading washing machines Top Loading washing machines
Consumes less water Uses more water for soaking and washing
Electricity consumption depends on the type of wash you select. In foreign countries, the front-loaders are energy-saving appliances In India, top loaders consume less electricity because people do not opt for hot water wash
Comparatively expensive Less expensive than the front-loaders
Occupies more space Less space occupation

Now that you have a concise understanding of the different types of washing machines in India, and their merits and demerits, we shall proceed with the complete buying guide.

Washing Machine Capacity

The first thing to look at is the size and capacity of the washing machine. In India, you observe washing machines with a capacity between 5kg and 10kg.

The smaller the family, the lesser will be the clothes. Hence, the size of the family determines the capacity of the washing machine. This chart should help you decide the appropriate washing machine capacity for your home.

Size of the family Average Clothes Ideal Capacity
Single person or couples About 10 clothes 5Kg to 6Kg
A small family of three members 10 to 12 clothes 6Kg to 7Kg
Medium-sized family of four members 12 to 15 clothes 7Kg to 8Kg
A large family consisting of more than four members More than 15 clothes 10Kg

The frequency of washing also decides the size and capacity of the machine. The above table should be ideal if you prefer to wash your clothes daily.

However, if you accumulate your clothes and space out your washing programmes, it is advisable to opt for washing machines with higher capacity.

Washing machine features


Some of the top-loading washing machines feature agitators. The agitator is nothing but a plastic rod that extends from the bottom of the washer to the top of the tub. You find this contraption more in the older models.

It is of not much use in the present-day machines because of advanced technology. The agitator occupies precious space inside the washtub. Hence, you can avoid this contraption if you want to extract more load from your washing machine.

Different Types of Motion

There are various types of rotations and revolutions available in washing machines today. Some of them are tumbling, scrubbing, rolling, swinging, and so on. The more the number of motion cycles, the better should be your washing experience.

Fuzzy Logic

The modern-day washing machines come with an electronic chip inside them that decides how to wash clothes. This chip detects the weight of clothes and determines the quantity of water required.

It also calculates the optimum temperature of the water and the amount of detergent needed depending on the type of fabrics. Besides, the chip decides the duration and speed of the wash cycle to deliver the perfect wash. This computer system is known as Fuzzy Logic.

Hard Water Treatment

Hard water is a perennial problem in India. Many areas in India have hard water. Everyone knows that it is difficult to dissolve the detergent powder in hard water. Secondly, hard water tends to leave white layers around the drum and the supply pipe, thereby choking them after continuous use.

Washing machine manufacturers are aware of this issue and have come up with hard water processing technology in their latest models. Besides, you can use water softeners that are available in the form of a dedicated filter.

Placing this filter at the source can ensure the breaking down of bicarbonates into beautiful crystals. Another way of dealing with the hard water issue is to use liquid detergent. It does not form soap suds, thereby does not stain your clothes with soap residue.

Bubble Wash

Indians prefer to use cold water for washing clothes. Some of the latest washing machine models come with a hot water wash option.

However, the use of cold water for washing is more prevalent than the hot water wash.

Cold water can be harsh on the fabric as compared to hard water. Hence, the modern-day machines come with Bubble Wash feature.

This feature converts the detergent particle into a bubble that inflates around the clothes to penetrate the fibre and remove adamant dirt. Samsung refers to this feature as Eco Bubble, whereas Panasonic uses the term ‘Active Foam.’

Drum Sanitization

Germs and allergens can reside inside the wash drum. Hence, it is imperative to eliminate them. The latest washing machine models come with a Drum Sanitization option. This procedure cleans the drum and sanitises it using a powerful jet of hot water.

Auto Detergent Dispenser

The high-end washing machines come equipped with an automatic detergent dispenser option. It is helpful to people who are indecisive about using the optimum quantity of detergent.

Using the right amount of detergent is crucial because it affects the amount of water used for washing. Secondly, a higher concentration of detergent can cause soap suds to form a residue on the clothes.

NFC Tag On

The latest LG washing machines come with NFC and Tag On features that enable users to operate the washing machine through smartphone apps.

Some of the latest devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice Control, as well. You can control such washing machines by using simple commands such as ‘Alexa, Start the washing machine.’

Inverter Technology

The inverter technology in washing machines is similar to that used in the air conditioners.

This technology makes the machine run at an optimum speed based on the machine’s load.

A conventional washing machine works on a motor that is designed for a fixed capacity. Such machines work efficiently when you run them at the optimum capacity.

The inverter technology allows the engine to operate the device at the speed that is optimum for the machine load. Therefore, if you use different loads, a washing machine with inverter technology proves handy.

Such washing machines save a lot of electricity.

Direct Drive Technology

The conventional washing machine has many movable parts like gears and belts. These moving parts cause friction, thereby resulting in loss of energy. Direct Drive Technology eliminates the use of such movable parts thus reducing the energy loss caused by friction and saving energy.

The motors working on Direct Drive Technology are heavier than the conventional motors, but they make less noise and are highly efficient. Secondly, such washing machines do not vibrate much, thereby producing less sound.

Most of the latest washing machines in the market come with Direct Drive Technology today.

Anti-Vibration Technology

The washing machines work on a rotating motor. Hence, there can be a vibration that can become unbearable, at times. The modern-day machines come with vibration reduction technology. Such devices make the least noise when coupled with Direct Drive Technology.

True Steam

True Steam technology is present in the latest LG washing machines This technology ensures supply of hot water at an optimum temperature that not only quickens the washing process but also eliminates 99.9% germs and sterilises the clothes and the appliance at the same time.

The new Steam Softener feature also helps in softening hard water, thereby reducing the formation of salt deposits on the sides of the drum and the drainpipes.


TurboWash is another notable feature present in LG washing machines that enable the regular wash cycles to complete in 59 minutes. Thus, it quickens the washing cycle, thereby saving energy.

Reports say that this technology reduces energy consumption by 15% and water consumption by 40%. It is an energy-saving feature.

Aspects to look out for when selecting the right washing machine

The latest washing machines available in the market are technologically advanced gadgets.

They come with excellent features that make your job easy. Now, that is what a machine is supposed to do, isn’t it? However, one should keep these simple things in mind when checking out the washing machines.

The material of the Drum

One should always opt for stainless-steel drums, as they can withstand high spin speeds and last longer, as well. Enamel drums can chip and accumulate rust. Plastic drums encourage the collection of germs and bacteria after continuous usage.

Wash Settings

Go through the wash settings available on the dashboard of the washing machine.

Different types of wash settings are available depending on the fabric and its quality. Some of the standard wash settings are Cotton, Cotton-Eco, Synthetics, Pre-Soak, Woollens, and so on.

Choose the right settings, depending on the clothes you put for washing. These wash settings affect the quantity of water and the time taken for the wash cycle.

Temperature Control

This feature enables the user to control the temperature of water. Soiled clothes require a higher temperature. Washing machines that come with in-built heaters have this feature.

Some of the latest washing machines come with Steam Settings that helps in eliminating stains and dirt.

Time Delay and Pre-Soak feature

The time delay feature enables you to schedule your washing programmes at convenient times. You can load the appliance and set a time delay to start at the appropriate time.

The Pre-Soak feature allows you to soak your extremely soiled clothes for a specific period before the wash cycle commences automatically.

Lint Remover

Due to the vigorous twisting and turning of the clothes during the washing cycle, the fibres can get detached at times.

This fibre can stick the machine parts and clog the drains, as well.

The lint remover eliminates the lint by collecting it at a particular place, thereby making it easy to remove it without affecting the clothes or the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best brands of washing machines in India in 2020?

The Indian consumer market is aflush with different brands of washing machines. Some of the best ones on offer are LG, IFB, Bosch, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

Which is a better option, the impeller or the agitator?

Impeller and agitator are additional attachments to the washing machine drum that help in the cleaning process. Impeller machines have gentle motion. Hence, they do not damage the clothes, but they can be less effective when it comes to dealing with highly soiled garments. The agitators, on the other hand, twist and turn with enormous force, thereby ensuring to remove the most stubborn dirt. However, they can damage delicate clothes.

Should I go for a top-loading machine with agitator or without one?

The agitator is more or less a legacy today because the latest washing machines do not have them. The agitators can help the machine to wash the clothes quicker but can damage garments. The devices without agitators clean better and have more space, thereby capable of accommodating more clothes at a time. Therefore, it is ideal to opt for a washing machine without an agitator.

Which among the two is a better machine, the top-loader or a front loader?

It depends on various factors. Indians prefer to go for top loading machines because of their convenience in loading and unloading. You do not have to bend down to place or remove the clothes. Front-loading machines save water but can be expensive. Therefore, it is a matter of choice

Which washing machine should one prefer, a semi-automatic or a fully automatic?

There should be no doubt in your mind that fully-automatic washing machines are any day better than the semi-automatic ones. One should opt for semi-automatic washing machines only when you have a low budget. Secondly, if you do not have a proper tap connection or there is not enough water pressure, you can go for a semi-automatic machine. Otherwise, the fully automatic machine should be your preferred option.

How long do washing machines last?

It depends on the user. If you take enough care of your machine, they can last for seven to ten years easily. It is always beneficial to have an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) in place. It will take care of all kinds of repairs, especially to vulnerable components like the display board.

What should one use, detergent powder or detergent solution?

The detergent solution has an advantage because it dissolves in water easily. Therefore, you get an even wash. The detergent powders do not dissolve fully, whereby they can attach to the clothes and cause staining. These stains can be a challenge to remove, especially on dark-coloured garments.

What are the five essential things to keep in mind when purchasing a washing machine?

The five essential things to keep in mind are the capacity of the machine, requirement and availability of space, type of washing machine, your budget, and the brand of a washing machine. One of the critical factors is the budget. If you have a limited budget, you should juggle around with the other factors accordingly.

Can you buy a washing machine online?

Yes, online retailers like Amazon offer various discounts on washing machines. However, it is always better to go through customer reviews before selecting the right one.

Is it safe to install your washing machine inside your bathroom?

Washing machines have plastic and metal parts. There are also electrical components. Contact with water can corrode the metal exteriors. It can be risky if water seeps through into the electrical controls. Steam can also corrode the body of the machine. Hence, it is better not to install the washing machine inside your bathroom.

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